Spellcasting Vocals

are there any rules on the minimum length of spell casting vocals/ can i use the same vocals over many spells?
specifically regarding combat spells, it doesn’t seem very sporting to just shout “I cast X!” but would something like “By my power X!” be ok? also, could i use “By my power X!” “By my power Y!” “By my power Z!”? i may have a hard time remembering something specific for each spell.

Any suggested spell vocals or just some cool/funny ones you’ve heard?

From the wiki:
To cast a regular spell you must complete at least thirty seconds of appropriate roleplaying including spell vocals, and the use of one hand. These requirements do not mean you must chant or speak for the entire thirty seconds; you must include some vocal component but your appropriate roleplaying can also involve tracing magical signs or runes in the air, using props such as scrolls or powders, shaping magic with mystical passes and the like.

Each spell as listed on the wiki does include some sample spellcasting, it is convenient to have thought about what you might want to say beforehand for each spell and have practiced a few times, as the first time you use it is likely to be in the middle of a battle and its not easy to be spontaneous then!

Repeating bits between multiple spells is fine though, as long as your target knows what it is you’re doing.

“By my power and in Virtue’s name I call on the magic within me and cast [spellname] on this [person/shield/weapon], be whole/purified/healed!” with an appropriate gesture, and possibly something from your nations hearth magic should be fine though, if a little repetitive in a long battle!

Sounds like swift-casting, do you know what you are going to use while chanting, if I die and make battle-mage character I was going to use a modified archer’s chant from fate stay night to be honest for swift-cast spells but full hit heal you’ll have to come up with something a hell of alot longer. On the field I’ve heard just the calls being said but it’s small ones like repel or shatter. To be honest it was loud so doubt I would have heard it anyway.

Modified chant “I am the bone of my sword, steel is my body and fire is my blood (heal)”
“I am here forging steel atop a sea of blades yet holds none now, (mend)”

I saw a few people with them written on the inside of their shields with stickers or written into the cotton over cover and even what herbs did what effect so they didn’t have to remember in the middle of battle was a really good plan.
“You cured my broken leg thank you… Now about this venom?..”

The example vocals are rather full of OC references and can get a bit overly dramatic for "shit they’re in my face, I need to do a Repel now :stuck_out_tongue: .

My usual trick for a swift cast is to yell 1-3 appropriate rune names, depending on the spell and how much my PC likes the target.


Entangle or Paralyse: HIRMOK! or BY THE CHAIN!, while you’re already swinging in. Something you’ve decided on beforehand as your quick-draw response.

Swift Heal (On someone who had pissed my PC off recently): BRAVASH MAWRIG XUN - Fertility, uncontrolled power, transformation. Technically relevant to swift heal, but the magical equivalent of hot pitch and a bonesaw.

Heal: Know a melody, chant or poem that takes ~10 seconds. Do it three times.


I think the best vocal I’ve heard was in Conclave and was something along the lines of “Shut the fuck up, PARALYSE!”

It got a round of applause.


ah yes, i have been told that brevity is important at conclave meetings.

It was actually because someone kept interrupting

Technically it would be redundant to paralyse for that reason other than them physically butting in as well the wiki says “Paralysis holds the target in place with magical force for ten seconds. They can talk or drink a potion if they are fed one, but they cannot move or take any other actions”

It’s Conclave. Paralysing an annoying person then theatrically handing the CS one mana to make a point is an amazing stunt :stuck_out_tongue: