Spiral prosthetics

Hi all!

As a changeling, I want to have some cool spirals and I planned for them to look more scar-like or like birthmarks. My first thought was rigid collodion, but someone suggested prosthetic spirals and I was wondering if any of you lovely folks had experience with spiral prosthetics and where you got them or how you made them.

Thanks so much in advance!

I made mine from liquid latex mixed with a little acrylic paint, and painted them directly onto my skin each event (and sometimes each day, depending on what survived). They were subtle but I really liked the effect.

I will try to find a photo when I am at my PC.

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(All three photos are by Oliver Facey, cheers Oliver)


I made a stencil for a friend to paint his spiral on. His is normally black but I think scar like would look awesome. If you want a stencil I can help you with that but I’m not sure how to do the scar effect.

To add to this. If you want to do a scar effect I can highly reccomend rigid collodion. It’s super easy. Just paint it on in the shape you want, few layers of it and boom you have a decent looking scar. I use it to make my scar effect. And when you’re done you can either get a sollution to remove it or you can pick it off like a scab.

Perhaps most readers know already, but be careful around fires: collodion = nitrocellulose = guncotton and for a while it was used to make billiard-balls that would sometimes explode on impact.