Stance on waxed cotton


I’m busy making a new jacket to add to my kit, I’m Navarr so making it a bit rough suits the brief… But I’m looking to make it at least semi waterproof and i have the stuff ready to wax it. The question is, would waxed cotton fit at Empire? The process IRL wasn’t really used commonly until the 18th century… On the other hand I’m dedicated to Wisdom so rubbing a waterproof thing on something you want to bw waterproof isn’t a huge leap. Thoughts?

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hmm, interesting idea, I guess I would try to avoid coats and jackets, maybe stick to cloaks and hoods? the idea is simple and could be in use before hand and the empire has some innovation.

I use cotton-proof on my outer robes; it isn’t noticeable. Not tried wax though

I believe the PD attitude is roughly, ‘it doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it looks right’.
Where ‘right’ depends on the nation brief.
You could coat the fabric with anything as long as it still looks the part, on the outside.

I know several long-term LARPers who swear by their wax cotton cloaks when it’s wet. Being dry makes for a fun event so I wouldn’t worry too much about the methodology being invented later than the setting.

Comments I would make about waxed cotton is that it sits differently to normal cotton so think about if that’ll be ok for whatever you’re waxing, and it makes a noise when you move so if you’re playing a sneaky character you might not want it on your everyday wear coat.

I have made a waxed cotton over coat for my Varushkan character as it is bright, waterproof and cloaks weren’t on brief ( that I could see). It is going to stay rolled up on a shoulder roll unless it is freezing, or wet. My normal kit is wool.

You’re right that the current style of waxed cotton is relatively new.
Boiled linseed oil has been around for a long time, though I don’t know what uses they had for it.
In any case, I don’t think that waxing a garment would make it look out of place.

I would worry about safety when sitting around fires though. A waxed jacket is like a huge candlewick.

Another option for waterproofing would be to have a lining (or interlining) of Nikwax Analogy “pump liner” fabric, or something similar:
I don’t know if they sell it to individuals directly, but I imagine you could get some if you were to get in touch with
or with
(two small independent makers of “outdoors” type clothing using that fabric).
But if you can’t get hold of that specific fabric, I think others would work so long as they have the right density-gradient for the capillary action to do its thing in conjunction with a water-repellency treatment… e.g. the Furtech garments use a similar fabric for the same purpose: (and you might be able to get fabric or advice there, too).

We could even get in touch and let them know of a possible new market…