Stormcrow vs. Mysticism - Reading a skein virtuously?

Hi all,

Brand spanking new player here and I can’t wait for E1 2018!
I’m playing an undedicated Stormcrow from the mountains in Hahnmark.

My question is regarding the view on Mystics interpreting skeins in Wintermark society versus a Stormcrow giving advice and taking ‘confessions’ in order to better ones skein.

It says on the wiki that most (but not all) Mystics are magic users and use either magic or divination to read someone’s skein.

My character is half Steinir and half Kallavesi and so I wanted an interesting blend of the bold and proud part of his heritage reflected in having taken up the Way (the new) but also the wise and mystical part of the Kallavesi personified in his ability to use divination by reading runes (the old). My character is not a magic user and would rely solely on divination for this.

Does this all seem reasonable/heretical?
Would it be odd/normal for a Crow to read runes?
What would your IC reaction be to this?
What would a Crow say that a shaman wouldn’t?

I’m just testing the water to see what the general Wintermark opinion would be on this.

Thanks for the help!

Be virtuous.

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Welcome to the forums and the game :slight_smile:
I’m not in Wintermark and don’t know their backstory, so all i can say is:

  1. that sounds pretty cool
  2. Given that methods of divination are many and varied, reading the runes sounds fine and characterful.

A hunched figure, clad in black-feathered cloak, spread out a reindeer skin by torchlight and reached into a large furry pouch. With hands bulging around the contents, he stretched up and gazed at the stars… checking for several constellations, he mutterered a few times, shifted position slightly, and then cast a flurry of small white things down and across the skin… each was revealed to be a small bone, into which one of the Imperial Runes is inlaid, glittering in the torchlight and stark against the bone. He froze and stared… tilted his head to the side… knelt down for a closer look… and sat back with a sigh on his haunches.
“What do the runes say?”
The Stormcrow scowled at the speaker beyond the torchlight. “You are right. It is as I feared.”
“I would hear you say it, now and before witnesses.”
“Aye, this is a matter of honour.”
“Brothers and sisters of the Hall… it’s my round.”
And the Winterfolk did rejoice :slight_smile:

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This genuinely made my day! :smiley:

Thanks for the feedback!

Hi there.

There would be crossovers between Mystics and Stormcrows thematically, but it’s the focus in game that is subtle but becomes very obviously different through play. The short version of it is that Mystics are magically based and Stormcrows and Religious (Virtue, particularly religious birds) based. Both give advice, but the manner would be different. A Stormcrow might tell a poetic story of a great Hero’s Heroism and Virtue to inspire another, or how they measure up to the great hero, a Mystic will trace a line of Runes to determine anothers Skein.
With Mystics, there are various methods you can use to do divinination, 1 is the Hard RP method and it’s a tool to create RP opportunity (TBH a lot the time people just need encouragement to do the thing they already want to do), Have a look divination for that. There is also magical Rituals if you want to do bigger things, but also Herbs (which is a big thing), Infusions of Feathers came from Kallavesa and is quite iconic look of that raggedy Mystic with smoke and teas.

I am a little puzzled though, you wouldn’t be “Half Kallevesi half Steinr”, it doesn’t work that way, you’re either one or the other. Being a Kallevesi in Hahnmark is perfect and entirely normal, just because you’re from Hahnmark doesn’t make you a Steinr. If you mean parentally determined, that doesn’t happen, you choose what tradition you belong to when you become an adult. It sounds like from what you’re wanting you are a Kallevesi in Hahnmark, using runes and the like is totally on brief for a Kallevesi and big and clever. The look and the characterisation are different, the look and behaviour you’re describing is certainly someone who is a Kallevesi.

Direct answers/TL:DR below:

Does this all seem reasonable/heretical?
The half Steinr/Kallevesi seems off as above but yes that seems fine. Bear in mind most the religious briefs could be perceived as Heretical in game and is a feature not a bug (The big dirty bird worshippers we are :stuck_out_tongue: )
Would it be odd/normal for a Crow to read runes?
Entirely normal yes, I do it. It’s Hearth magic so runes are part of our lives.
What would your IC reaction be to this?
Yup they’re Kallevesi, which rune is the day marked by?
What would a Crow say that a shaman wouldn’t?
It’s more that Crows talk about VIRTUE BIRDS, GREAT HEROES, divination and skein and Mystics talk about DIVINATION, SKEIN virtue birds and great heroes. A Mystic would be perfectly at home in the Sevenfold path. A Stormcrow would do Confession where a person talks about lapses in Heroism and virtue and fraying of Skeins and a Mystic wouldn’t do the confession in regards to Virtue. One can totally see a Mystic and Stormcrow working closely together as a team.


Hi Michael,
Thanks for the clarification, this is SUPER helpful and has answered a lot for me.

I wasn’t sure about the Kallavesi/Steinr split thing so thanks for that, very informative. I’m probably going to go with the Kallavesi from Hahnmark route as that fits in very neatly with my backstory. My characters whole village fled from Kallavesa after his grandmother foresaw its destruction in a vision. So thematically a clan of Kallavesi refugees in Hahnmark works quite well.

I plan to reflect this visually with a subtle blend of both cultures asthetics, not quite one or the other, somewhere in the middle but if anyone asks, it serves as a cool conversation starter if nothing else!

If you’re heading to E1, give me a shout! :smiley:

If you’re wanting something to go on Kallavesa was invaded by the Jotun in 370YE some 12 years ago. Your old village could have been from the West Marsh region that fell in the invasion your Grandmother predicted. That could mean she was a Mystic and could have done this either through a Night Ritual such as Signs and Portents or could have done it through the Infusion of Feathers Herbal recipe Goosewhisper Infusion which are popular among Mystics. Ofc it could just be Hearth magic too :slight_smile: It has the added benefit that Signs and Portents and Goosewhisper Infusion are difficult to read as interpreting those Visions can be tricky so explains why it doesn’t play a part in wider History.

If you wanted, that could be the point your Grandmother died, Wintermark has interesting things about having a good Heroic death.

I mean I’m just throwing out ideas for you as I very much tend to do :stuck_out_tongue: