Strictness on sword length and coloured blades

Hi everyone,
I am planning on coming to one of the 2018 events and am in the process of picking equipment for my character, I plan on using a one handed sword and shield and had a question regarding how strict the sword categories might be; the sword I am wanting to get comes to a length of 44" which would make it fall into the great weapons by 2", however the actual blade length is only 31" and as I would be gripping the sword by the top of the hilt the extra couple of inches from the handle wouldn’t really come into play in combat so I was wondering if this would be accepted as a one handed sword or if the rules are very strict on this.

Also the blade itself has a metallic green blade which I really like the look of as it stands out and would look fairly unique ( which I think would fit well with my character as I plan on playing a Steinr ) I was wondering if that would be acceptable or if people would take issue with that ?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

There a lots of different coloured blades I’ve seen; that shouldn’t be an issue.

As for weapons length the measurement is hilt to tip not blade length, so 44" is a great weapon regardless of blade length. What if it were an axe? They have much smaller blades than hafts, so does an axe with a 5-foot handle and a 1-foot blade count as 1-handed? I think not.

Well I was only saying the blade length as if you are gripping the sword just underneath the cross-guard the effective range/ reach would only be 31" where as an axe you could grip lower and get pretty much the full 42" inch reach, just felt that the great weapon category had a pretty wide range as putting a weapon that’s 43 or 44" into a weapon class with weapons that can be upto 60" so 16" larger was a bit strange haha but thank you for the info I will look into a different weapon :slight_smile:

TBH, apply rule 7. Don’t be a Dick.
1 inch is not going to be a big issue, just don’t try and call impale with it if you have been using it one handed all day.


So it would be possible to use it as a one handed sword ? How are the weapons monitored ?

This seems to crop up from time to time. when 1 inch isn’t going to be an issue from a game balance perspective. But there is a very clear distinction between 1 and 2 handed weapons (up to 42 inches and over 42 inches).
It sounds like your looking to commission a sword rather than have a sword already. In this case, the rules are the rules and having a weapon made for a game explicitly against its designed dimensions is cheating. Is there any reason it needs to be 44 rather than 41?

No it’s a pre-made sword and if it’s a definite no then I will look at something else I just thought I would ask the question.

That’s fine, questions are always good. I guess in a perfect world it would be below length but as long as your using it either as a 1 or 2 handed and not swapping between the two and as above rightly said above, not taking the piss. it shouldn’t be an issue.

For a definitive answer email

So how are weapons actually monitored, when I go for weapons check do they ask if I plan on using one or two handed ? and thanks I will do that

Not in as many words. It’s mostly self policed. Just stick to rule 7 amd it will be ok.

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