Summarising the brass coast



This is just a bit of fun, however, it does summaries the brass coast very well. If it is too silly, I’ll take it down. I did not create either of the original pictures, I merely combined them. Thank you for your time.


re post it here they love this sort of thing


Unfortunately I do not have facebook. If you would like, you may take it and share it with them.


you cant summarise the freeborn were too wonderful


With enough alcohol and crystal mana, I can summaries any nation. Also I’m expecting a payment of one ring from you as you have come and sat down in my topic.


I will give you 2 ring for your good fortune


Thank you, how prosperous of you. Of course now you are going to expect me to sing about one man’s love for a reverse mermaid. Unfortunately, I do not know the words.


why I would never wish to force a person’s hand in such a way. if it is a song you wish to sing then let it one of the heart and not of a copy of someone’s second-hand music.


I feel like we have gone completely off topic, my ‘uniqueness’ has taken us spiralling into a pit of whimsicality and bizarre occurrences, which is quite impressive, if I do say so myself, as this whole thing started that way but some how I have made things worse.


maybe a little…