Super interested in the Eternal Game

I just can’t wait to get involved in game and plot. Super interested in the Eternal Game. But not sure how to get involved there as of yet.

Slightly off-topic for the thread, but:

  • Keep an eye out for the “Plenipotentiary” Wind of Fortune shortly before the event - this will detail some specific times when Eternals and their Heralds will be doing things in and around Anvil - then show up to what you’re interested in
  • Read up on the Eternals and pick a small number you’re interested in
  • Think about what you can do for the Eternal, not what the Eternal can do for you
  • At the event, speak to the Archmage(s) for the relevant Realm(s) and persuade them to help you, particularly with use of their Plenipotentiary power

Oh thank you sooo much.

All good advice above, but here’s some more:

  • the Eternals are interested both in those who help them further their political aims, and those who really embody characteristics of their realms and the areas of influence within those realms that they themselves embody. So really getting to know your realm is important (see the section on ritual theory and the bits associated with each realm on the wiki).
  • don’t try to please all of the Eternals, or even all of the ones in your chosen realm(s). The fun from the Eternal game can come as much from making enemies as if can from cultivating friendships.
  • Archmages aren’t the only parties with access to Eternals, they tend to have particular people, cults, or covens that they act through in Anvil, and if you find out who their agents are then you can get involved that way.

Thank you so much for the advice! I will do my best to remember all this. May have to write it all down. As I enter the big world of magic at Empire