Sword hilt materials

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I’m currently building my first larp sword and I was wondering if using wood to build the handle and hilt and I was wondering if it was an appropriate material. All feedback is appreciated.
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No is the short answer.

Larp weapons should be made from a core of fibreglass or carbon fibre surrounded by layers of high density coated in latex. You might use fabric or leather to wrap around the handle to give better grip.


There must be sufficient padding on the tip, guard, pommel and haft

From Weapon Check

Wait so I’ve already made the blade (foam and fibre glass) and I have a wooden tube surrounding the fibreglass as a handle.
So the guard has to be foam or some other, softer material?

The whole weapon has to be made of foam, other than the core. If you look at professionally made larp weapons this is fairly obvious.

You can’t use wood in its construction, its one of the materials specifically called out as not being usable in the weapon check page I linked.

This is incorrect. I have both professionally bought and personally made weapons which have passed PD weapons check that use wood, resin and hard putty for grips. Wood is called out as unsuitable for being a core.

A wooden grip is fine as long as it is securely attached to the core. The guard and pommel should both be padded, though.

In practice, doing this well can be tricky, so it might go wrong. Good luck.


so if i use wood for the guard i have to pad it with layers of foam? Or what other materials would be suitable?

Wooden guards are extremely unlikely to pass the checks. Normally they are made of foam, perhaps layered for strength, and optionally reinforced with leather.

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you’ve been a real help.