Symbols for healers

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I don’t know if this has been asked before , I know there is symbols for realms and magic but I was wondering if there is an empire recognise symbol for a Physik (like we have the cross or staff and serpent ) something for a little flag or armband ?

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The hospital uses the rune Rhyv (Blood), which is probably the only general symbol.

After that feel free to invent your own and see if it catches on!

I think I might !

Red Rhyv on a white background does seem to be pretty well adopted on the field.


Rhyv rune is the best known symbol. However, if you’re Urizeni, then the Chalice constellation is apparently the symbol to use, but other nations might not recognise that, so having the Rhyv as a secondary symbol, might facilitate attention.

The Rhyv rune can attract unwanted attention on the battlefield.

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…the barbarians having learnt that “target the healers” is a valid tactic… :stuck_out_tongue:

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