Teaching new skills?

Hi All!
Just a quick query about the possibilities of teaching IC other players non-larp related skills for IC coin. As i’ve decided to make my character a bard, with a herb garden as a resource (which i have now discovered apparently yields v little monetary worth), was wondering if it would be feasible of my character to offer something like singing lessons IC for some extra cash?

Do people think this would be possible, and if not, could you suggest some alternatives? Otherwise, i fear my character shall be broke ass for all time.

Many Thanks!


Hmmm well I certainly don’t think I’ve heard anyone else try and sell this service before so you’re not competing with anyone. Are you thinking a group lesson or one on one training?

I would get some flyers made up and distributed around Anvil so people know about the service. Also you would certainly be allowed to post an IC flyer with a location, time and the like on the forum for this.

I think it’s a good idea, it’s success depends on how well you advertise it and if people come back :smile:.

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I hadn’t thought about the size of the groupings, but i suppose that i could differentiate via pricing :smile: Due to being a new player, i have no idea about that layout of Anvil, so in order for me to mark up a flier of some kind, could you recommend a place to hold said lessons?

You’re going to struggle to be sure of being able to use a public space. Some of the major tents are free at times, but knowing in advance when they’ll be free is difficult to say. Usually if people want to provide a service they’ll do it in their own IC space (a tent, or a camp fire area).

Which nation are you going to join? That will give us some ideas of spaces available to said nation (Dawnish have the Glory square, Navaari have lots of little forest clearings, etc)

Ah decent public space is at a premium in Anvil. You could always use the senate if people didn’t mind standing, you made sure it didn’t clash with anything like the Senate or Senate Dance Club in the evening. I’d ask around at your first event and see who wouldn’t mind you using their tent for this kind of thing. Perhaps some of the IC tea houses in the Brass Coast, the League or the Navarr camp might be up for hosting as a way of getting people to pay for tea there?

Oh if you can afford it you might hunt down the editors of various publications that get sold in Anvil and see what their advertising rates are. Some I think might be pretty interested in this kind of thing.

I’d suggest coming along to one event and scouting out how this might work plus making some contacts so you can advertise it for your second game.

That sounds like a decent plan, thanks :slight_smile: If i’m still unsure after E2, i’ll just post flyers saying “come find me and we’ll set up a time and a place”. And hope no-one thinks i’m offering adult services.

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And with regards to herbs giving little monetary value, a few of the herbs you have will be worth something, usually for apothecaries who are making potions for their group (the worth of herbs varies from event to event, depending on what enemies are being faced)

As a trader I usually pay around a crown for Cerrulean Mazzarine, and 10-15rings for each of the others, except True Vervain which fluctuates between 5 rings and 15 rings. Obviously this is all based on demand (and I haven’t bought herbs in a few events because it is a hard area to make money on), so this is just a vague idea.

Thankyou for that, i’m still struggling to get my head around IC currency, so having a basis for it is incredibly helpful :slight_smile: As far as my nation goes, I’m Dawnish, so i may take this event to scout out possible places to work within the Dawnish area.

Then the Dawnish Glory Square will be your friend. It is used for everything from grand brawls, to tests of mettle and singing is pretty much a given there. Whether you do it in the centre (it’s big) or around the edges out of the trample zone, you’ll not feel out of place (though you may be watched by half the Dawnish families!)

Herbs are most useful if you are a Physick. If you’re not planning to use them yourself, it’s a lot of trade faff because you are selling 5 goods with varied prices. If you want something easy to sell, I would go to the Civil Service, pay 2 Crowns and change to a mana site. That’s only one product, and one with a reliable market.

If you want to dispense with trade entirely, just grab a Farm and say you’ve decided to plant something else this year?

I would ideally like to keep my resource, as i’m gradually going to be using skill points to help with the Physick side of things, but because i will probably be using them myself as opposed to selling them, i needed another source of income :smile:

Post many fliers, pop them in taverns and tea rooms, most nations have a bit of space where you can grab. it may be around a fire but hey…

I had this same idea, only I’m looking to give private lessons on making armour, and taking donations rather than a fee. :slight_smile:


I’m going to be coming along to Empire at E3 this year and have had ideas about teaching music at later events (I’m a woodwind specialist so would be covering this rather than singing).

I’d be interested to know if you were able to go through with your idea and how it went if you did do it?

Many thanks

It sounds worth a try, at the least.
I know people have paid for dancing lessons in the past, with the money being split between the teacher, the musician (my character), and the owner of the tent (a bar out of its opening hours).

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