Temporary Hair Dye?

Over the long dark I am looking to at making a Dawnish Cambion character as backup, and I am looking at using some hair dye instead of a wig (possibly).

Can any current or ex-cambions that dye their hair recommend any?

I looked at the Hair Sprays from LarpInn as a test, as its a cheaper alternative while I decide if I want Gold, Silver, Bronze hair for example before I commit to a bigger bottle.

Hiya! I’m very new to Empire so haven’t had experience with coloured hair sprays for Larp purposes. However I did uses spray on hair dye for a theatre production once. I used just your ordinary costume spray like the ones found on Larpinn. At the time I had quite dark hair and it really took a rather large amount of the spray and left my hair very stiff. A few good coats of the spray on dark hair combined with a good amount of hair spray also helps it to stick quite well and as long as you apply the spray generously it actually looks very good. I’m sure one bottle could last you a weekend.

If you’re looking for the more permenant solution. I have also dyed my hair silver with proper hair dye. Reccomend if you have dark hair completely bleaching it. I used (Bleach Total Bleach Kit - Boots) and then used a white toner to get it even lighter (Bleach White Toner Kit - Boots) I then dyed it silver (Schwarzkopf LIVE Metallic Silver U71 Permanent Hair Dye - Boots) The one I used gave a more mettalic look. This lasted about 2 weeks before needing to be redyed.

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As someone with dark hair, I can sympathize, and aiming to achieve gold or silver I can see myself use a lot more spray than I initially expected.

I will buy a general spray for each like LarpInn to get a feel for it

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It’s sort of a trial and error kind of thing when it comes to dark hair and temporary spray. Just be as generous as you can with the spray. And often enough it will come out looking alright. With some hairspray too it should set nicely and not move. Heavy rain may be your worst enemy so a hood may be a good purchase just to protect yourself from leaking gold or silver paint everywhere.

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