Tent Decor for Wintermark

What in your mind is the ideal tent setup/decorations inside a Wintermark tent? I’m trying to think of ways to improve my setup

A box you can comfortably sit on. When I used to use an IC tent, this was so helpful. Seat + storage.

For Wintermark furs would definitely be suitable. You can use them to cover OOC things and for a carpet. On cold nights they will also help you stay warm. I recommend keeping them away from the door however and then setting up a designated shoes off area as it will be a pain to clean the mud from it.

Maybe at the front of your tent you could have an animal skull, hanging over the door. At the back of your tent, a weapons rack or somewhere to hang a shield would work well. Showing that you have weapons ready is what you want but you may have to play around with how it is all set out.

From the celling you could hang feathers and maybe pieces of wood with runes carved into them, just to help give the place a bit of atmosphere.

A table works well in all nations if there is space. I think for Wintermark it should look fairly sturdy, like it can withstand the test of time.

If have anything with legs, struts or anything like that, you could tie feathers to them as well. I recommend trying this out before hand as you don’t want too many.

All this should depend on how much people will be in your tent. If its just for sleeping I would say keep it simple for the first couple events and see how it goes. If you use it more IC then invest.

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