Tents, tents and tents

hey I’m new to LARP and was wondering if anyone can recommend some good tents I can use in the camp :slight_smile:
thanks muchly

Are you looking for an Out-Of-Character tent for the OOC camping area, or a good In-Character tent for camping IC? Will it be just for you to sleep/store stuff in, of do you want some space for socialising or group meetings?

Also what is your budget?

Im looking for an IC tent, something small enough for me and maybe one other and looking to keep the price down abit

I’d suggest a saxon tent there are around £300-£400

Hiya thought I would tag on to this question if I may. Would something akin to this be OK as a IC tent?


What is the criteria for what is or is not suitable for an IC tent?

Bell tents are fairly common, with and without awnings.

Most Canvas tents are fine, as long as it doesn’t look modern your fine. No Dome or Party Tents and no obviously modern fabrics and you’re likely good.

The official rules on IC tents are here: https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/Costume#Tents

But that style of canvas Bell Tent is very common on the IC field and should be fine.

im thinking of using an old scouting tent but its a greeny blue colour… is that ok? I was thinking of covering the outside with different stuff anyway

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As long as its canvas, there are plenty of green, blue and other colours on the field.

yes it is canvas thanks for your help :smile:

We had actual scouts in green icelandic canvas ridges (what most people call scout tents usually) for several events!

Can anyone recommend any budget tents that would be suitable for the IC area? We are thinking of going as a 3 man group, but needs be we could buy multiple 1-2 person tents instead. The above stated price of £300-£400 for a Saxon tent is a bit beyond our budget but we would still very much like to participate in the IC camping area.

I’ve read the rules on the wiki and its still quite difficult to gauge what is and is not acceptable. It says canvas, but then that some materials that are part plastic are OK. Does this ultimately mean anything none glossy? It would be useful to have some idea/images of what the minimum standards are.

Would any of the following be suitable?:





Any budget recommendations are welcome.

Sorry if this is a silly or annoying question!

I think, unhelpfully, the minimum is ‘doesn’t break immersion for players’. Which varies from tent to tent. The reason that people state that canvas is good, is because any full canvas tent is generally accepted without question.

If it is not canvas, and a player takes exception to it, you might be asked to move it to the OOC field.

My instinctive reaction is ‘no’, because they look like nylon throughout. They’d be absolutely fine OC, but IC I’d find them a bit jarring.

Second hand canvas tents, especially bells, are probably your best bet. Keep an eye out on eBay and snaffle one when it comes through. It’s the way one of my group managed to acquire a couple of good canvas IC tents this season.

I’d have a problem with both of those, sadly. If you look at photos of Empire you can see the kind of tents used in the IC camping area, and shiny nylon is generally not terribly IC-looking.

Your best bet is to look out for the various festival bell tent companies selling off their end of summer stock in late September time. You can pick up 5m bell for £200, sometimes less if you’re willing to make good minor damage, and that will fit the 3 of you comfortably.

Unfortunately that won’t help for E3 and E4 of this year, but OOC camping is not the end of the world, just a short walk instead, and then you can have all your creature comfirts and not worry about set dressing.

If you want space to stash stuff during the day ask around your nation, I’m sure someone can offer dumping ground for evening cloaks etc, especially if you can make a tidy pile.


My apologies, just seen the first bell tent clearance sale on my FB:


Possibly worth bookmarking.

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