Thanks, orcs!

Specifically to the player of Chaplain Atla (if I’ve spelt that right) for igniting my interest in helping orcs to get access to religious skills - a quest for which my character is entirely unskilled and unsuitable, but ignorant enough to just get stuck in!

And generally to all the rest of you who made such a great social event on Sunday night (which I mostly missed due to being in The Hub making people vote for my Judgement, but it was awesome for the bits I did see)


(I apologise, I’m quite tired)

Thanks, orcs!

For providing such great Game at the opening of the Sentinel Gates. The hands in mud to go and mark the Varushkans (VARUSHKA! wait… what are you do-NO!!), the statement of The Future Emperor, and the former Conscious re-titling me the Proxy-Gore, I had a lot of fun =3

Even more so when I turned up at the Orc camp with the Cardinal of Ambition. The conversation with the child at the gate went as follows:
“May we enter your camp?”
“Uhm… do you have any sweeties?”
“I am afraid not, but will you accept some coin?”
“hmm… Okay.”
“Here is three rings, thank you” Says the Cardinal of Ambition, a true Leaguesman
“Here is five rings” Says his company
“Well then, here is ten rings!” Says I!
“Oh yeah? Have a Crown!” Says my *Freeborn *company
Some VERY impressive fighting in the camp, thank you for showing us around.

And finally when Lady Stackfreed turned up to show the item she had to represent her fallen with the remains of The Baron. Amusing to see the Dawn camp move their party to yours.

Yay for getting stuck in! :smiley: