The Average Cost of Bourse Seats and True Liao


You should definitely bring your thoughts and conclusions to the Master of the Mint. Easy to find in Hub or Imperial Offices.


Once again i have updated the charts for 382YE Spring.

Bourse seat information
True Liao Information


I’ve updated the chart to include the 382YE Summer solstice white granite seats. I havent done the True Liao yet as its not up yet and i’m too excited/impatient o wait!

Bourse Seat Info


so, while waiting for this last event’s results it occurred to me that i could use math (blegh) to figure out how much the dose of True Liao sold for at the Summer summit. As such i have updated the chart…

I started by taking the amount that was left over in the fund after the last event, adding the unknown amount and subtracting all of the deductions until i was left with the final amount in thrones.
(18.2625+x-(7+5+54+15+(6/8)+(1/80))=0 solve for x)


Yay! More info! Just the bourse prices for the moment.