The Chant of The Runes

:tykonus: :hirmok: :evrom: . :cavul: :hirmok: :aesh: :naeve: :tykonus: . :ophis: :feresh: . :tykonus: :hirmok: :evrom: . :rhyv: :ull: :naeve: :evrom: :sular:

I think the beautiful ‘Chant of The Runes’ composed and sung by Beck Hemsley is a great way to learn about the Wintermark runes and their meanings. Here’s a video of the Chant with images of the runes and, with Beck’s permission, images of some cards from my Runes Way game, in memory of Beck’s character, Russet Riddlesmith.


This is a wonderful song! Useful and it sounds beautiful! Thank you for sharing this with us!

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