The Dawnishman's Wife


How do you think this song would fit in Empire if every “Dornishman” got changed into Dawnishman?

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i was just thinking about this!

the question is which Nation would sing it?

i personally think it works best for the Marchers



I filked this last year into a song about kohan! Though I prefer it sung in a more upbeat way for the Brass Coast.

A true kohan’s life burns as bright as the sun,
Flying freely and gay as a gull.
And a true kohan’s blade is made of sharp steel,
Like a life let it never be dull.

A true kohan’s life is spent fighting foes,
And marking each victory with songs,
And a true kohan’s blade has a song of its own,
and tastes blood every time it is drawn.

A true kohan goes where the battle is thick,
With enemies armoured and strong.
And a true kohan knows that when you choose this life
There’s a chance it could always go wrong.

As he lay on the ground with darkness around,
and the taste of his blood on his tongue,
His comrades knelt by him and draped him in black,
and he smiled and he laughed and he sung,

“Brothers and sisters, my days here are done,
My heart has been pierced by a knife,
But what does it matter, for we all must die,
and I’ve tasted a true kohan’s life!”



As for just changing dornishman to dawnishman, the original songs lyrics don’t quite suit the themes of Empire in my mind. It reads to me as one man boasting about his ‘conquest’ of another man’s wife.



A League from Tossato could too! Beeing italian I can confirm that we have a long tradition of songs about seductions and revenge.