The Honored Dead

Hello again all!
I have been looking into doing something to honor the dead of wintermark, especially those who have fallen on the battlefield. I know that we had a list here somewhere of those who fell under the War Rhino (fuck the war Rhino) but I have also been told some wonderful, amazing and sometime even amusing tales of those who have fallen on the battlefield.
A few of the Wintermark that I know of fell last season (Spike, The Everpresent, Burvar) but I think that all of the fallen should be commemorated and remembered.
Also, IC we will be receiving a bucket of body parts of some of our warriors who have fallen in distant battles, and the shall be remembered and honored too.

Please note that this is not a religious thing - I am not a storm crow, nor is this about the Labyrinth. This is about remembering the dead and telling their tales. I liked the tree (coat rack) idea from the last season, so something like that might be an option or better yet a bonfire to gather around and tell stories.

Options would include:
Floating candles in a big bowl of water,
Another Tree of sorts,
A bonfire with boric acid melts (green fire)
(Or any other ideas)

The dead will also be written on a long list as well, to be kept safe and honored.
I will be putting this to PD in an email, but would like to see if there is any interest in it first?

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