The League and Imperial Orc relations

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So I was reading the brief and I know I’m going off brief on a couple of aspects with my new incarnation (a merrow merchant with a strong interest in economics), but I was wondering how accurate this part of the League brief is in play?:

“For most citizens of the League, Imperial Orcs represent the worst of both worlds; they constantly remind the citizenry of the barbarian threat and they often meddle in local schemes on behalf of their Imperial masters. Few Orcs are interested in deals or profit and thus there is little common ground between them and the average citizen of the League.”

(Just as a general point of interest really, I’ve always found orc player characters quite interesting, and I’m wondering what level of disdain to show)

Holberg might be a little different as the Orc armies were part of the force that finally liberated Holberg a few years ago.

Other League Cities I wouldn’t know about.

In terms of wintermark, here is a passage from the wilki.

“In Wintermark most orcs are regarded as worthy opponents, an enemy suitable to give or receive a good death from. They were also quick to accept the Imperial Orcs once they proved their loyalty. Quietly some even comment that the Imperial Orcs have recently proved a more reliable and effective ally than some nations of the Empire.”

I feel that in some ways, the wiki is a starting point for the attitudes that have developed in play.

Dawn, I recall, started with a very on-brief disdain and contempt for their former slaves. Which lasted less than one event, due to the events of the first battle.

(Short version, they turned up at the most dramatically appropriate moment to save our asses, and have since had a friendly rivalry, as is appropriate for two formations of heavy assault infantry)

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The general feeling I have is that Leaguers feel they are better than everyone, especially Imperial Orcs.

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Oooh, handy bit of history, thank you!

Soooo I need to develop an ego? Noted!

Leaguers know they’re better than everyone else. Small distinction


The Butchers Guild have always actively disliked imperial orcs, seeing them as little better than barbarian orcs. The Butchers have never hidden their disgust that Wintermarkers were thrown out of their homes to give land to Imperial Orcs who are now settling down as farmers rather than doing what they do best which is fighting and dying for The Empire.

This disdain has led to some great fun in-character encounters and brawls - see

It even led The Guild of Good Games to create a game: “Butchers vs Orcs!” (

OOC, the orc players are fab - I’d say the greater level of disdain you show, the more fun both you and they will have. If you’re really lucky, they may even make an effigy of you! (


As an Imperial Orc player since the game started I believe I talk for most orcs (well they voted me senator…)in saying, we need MORE racists, in game that is.

Some of my favourite moments from Empire have been the scuffles we’ve had with the Butchers, from them street fights where they paid Marchers to join in to rolling Lorenzo in a carpet.

IC we hate him and his lot OC we love it.

We play this game knowing it’s harder for us because of our nation choice(No priest skills, no land to start). We really relish when decent in game racists turn up. We give them great roleplay( ask Madea Ruth) and it enriches our experience also.

Just be ok with conflict(Not physical unless you want that) as I believe conflict breeds the best roleplay