The Looking Glass is fundraising for its print run - fancy helping?

Hi everyone - here is a post about the Looking Glass. We’re a League-based IC fashion, society and arts magazine and we produce a c.28 page fully illustrated and designed publication every summit.

A year ago we were only able to print 50 odd copies of the LG - but we had lots of requests to print more. It costs quite a bit to print our magazine, so people kindly donated to bring our costs down and thanks to that generosity we were able to do a full year of printing 100 copies, all of which we are delighted to say have completely sold out.

We continue to be a small operation without a massive amount of cash flow (we are good at IC glitz but OC are not merchant princes by any means!) The LG represents hours of voluntary, lovingly executed illustration, design and copywriting work, and we really love doing it.

If you’ve enjoyed it and you like what we do, you can help us continue by donating to our PayPal tip jar here: PayPal.Me

A few points about this:

  • Donating wouldn’t guarantee that we could provide you with a copy in the field - we want everyone to have a chance at being able to buy it IC regardless of their OC money situation. But it would raise everybody’s chances of getting a copy and sharing some fashion game around even more.

  • How much do we need? Well, if ten people had a spare tenner, or twenty people a spare fiver, that would enable us to continue printing our run at 100 for E3 and 4. An extra £100 would stand us in excellent stead for the rest of the year. More than that - a few hundred quid - would guarantee full print runs of 100 for several forthcoming events. The LG is costly to run and one of us has just scraped together the funds to replace our storm-damaged gazebo so we can have a base in the Plaza again.

If you’re feeling altruistic and can spare a few quid, please do make use of our tip jar. We will be incredibly grateful, and do our best to buy you a pint or similar some time.

If you have any other questions about this, we have an FAQ of some likely ones here: The Looking Glass FAQ - Melissa Trender

For other questions, please use our group inbox, and we’ll do our best to answer them!


Mim/Team Looking Glass :slight_smile:


Hello! We are fundraising for the next year again - please do donate if you would like to. Last year funded us fully for 100 copies per event for well over a year. Thank you so much to everyone who has helped us keep going. I am part time due to disability so the money really helps us afford our print costs. <3


Just to double check, is it the same Paypal link as in the original post above?

Yes links the same (source: @Mim is my flatmate :slight_smile: ).

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