The Oxen Head @ E1

For those not on the facebook group, a quick crosspost!

Hi guys! Your friendly neighbourhood pub here. Due to various real-life commitments, we’re going to be running with reduced numbers and transport for E1 this year so unfortunately won’t be able to do food or drinks in our customary way (That is, you lot get the food, we get all the drink. That’s how pubs run, right?), and won’t have our own IC tent.
Look at this as a wonderful new opportunity to spend a lot of time with the Oxen Head guys, few of us that there will be, and make friends. Especially if you have a fire.

We’ll be back to normal from then onwards, with any luck, so thanks in advance for any hospitality/seriously if you have a fire I will be there. I’ll be sure to set aside return drinks for 2, 3 and 4.

Our fire and tent in the Vor’Azi is always open! :slight_smile: Looking forward to seeing you guys at the next event!

This makes me a sad Navarri