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Runes Way is a deck of hexagonal cards that can be used to play three quick pattern-matching games by ‘The Guild of Good Games’: ‘The Way of The Runes’, ‘The Runes of The Way’ and ‘Runic Skein’.

A bonus feature of the deck is that you can combine the cards together into ‘The Runes Way Labyrinth’ which is an elaborate puzzle with hidden meanings for those who seek its secrets. Furthermore, if you’re interested in Rune Reading, you can also use the cards for divination purposes using ‘The Wheel of Meaning’ method.

There are two different editions available: The Empress Lisabetta Memorial Edition and The Blood Red Runes Edition - there’s also an option to commission your own customised edition.

If you’d like a copy, its currently live on Kickstarter here: Runes Way by Dave Wetherall – GGG Games — Kickstarter

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Pleased to say that a fourth stretch goal has now been unlocked. This one adds an additional reference card to each edition of Runes Way. In the pic, the images on the left are front and back of The Empress Lisabetta Memorial Edition rune reference cards; the two on the left are both sides of the Blood Red Runes Edition reference cards.

Previous stretch goals were to make all the cards in high quality linen 310gsm cardstock, to decorate the wooden box with a blood red wax seal, and to add solo rules for ‘The Runes of The Way’ and ‘The Way of The Runes’ games.

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Pleased to have unlocked another stretch goal for Runes Way. Whereas the previous ones added to the quality of the game components or extra rules, this ‘social stretch goal’ seeks to give something back to the community. This goal means that I’ll donate a concessionary ticket to someone who might otherwise struggle financially to attend a future Empire event.

If you know someone who could benefit financially from a concession ticket, please send their name and PID number to by 6pm on Thursday 20 May. Please check that the person you are nominating is willing to be entered into the draw. You may nominate multiple people (including yourself) but please don’t nominate crew as they already receive free tickets courtesy of Profound Decisions. Many thanks to Roberto Bean who has kindly agreed to draw the number publicly (NB the winner’s name will only be mentioned if they wish).

More info here:…/runes-way…/posts/3190271

The Runes Way kickstarter recently passed it’s sixth stretch goal which adds a fourth game called Paragon’s Path. This is a solo or cooperative game where players place cards by aligning matching runes on adjacent edges to create a line, known as ‘The Path’. The aim is to ‘close the circle’ by joining the Path to itself.

This video shows a very virtuous example of such a Path with the matching runes representing all seven Virtues. In sequence these are the runes of :pallas: Pallas (Prosperity), :feresh: Feresh (Pride), :naeve: Naeve (Ambition), :jotra: Jotra (Courage), :irremais: Irremais (Wisdom), :lann: Lann (Loyalty) and :ophis: Ophis (Vigilance) - then followed by Naeve and Lann again, before completing the Path with :aesh: Aesh , the Rune of Thought.

Many thanks to Abigail Cooke for the portraits on the GGG Games and Blood Red Runes cards, and to Irina Goodwin for the Empress Lisabetta portrait. You can see more of Irina’s work here:

The final proofs of the Runes Way cards have arrived for checking. I’m particularly pleased with the linen finish and how the artwork on the reference cards has turned out. The cards in the outer circle of are from the Empress Lisabetta Memorial Edition (for Wise Backers), with the inner circle cards from the Blood Red Runes Edition (for Courageous Backers). Proud, Prosperous, Loyal, Ambitious and Most Virtuous Backers get both editions.

Just 2 days left now of the kickstarter campaign which can be backed here:

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Just over 4 hours left of the Runes Way kickstarter campaign. Many thanks to all who helped with it.

As well as Runes Way itself, backers can also buy several other games by the Guild of Good Games as Add-Ons to their pledges:

  • ‘Best of Bourse’ includes four quick card games: ‘Bourse and Build’ (a push-your-luck game for 1-3 players), ‘Bribe the Bourseholders’ (a hidden bidding game for 2-4 players), ‘Great Work!’ (an investment and construction game for 2 players) and ‘Cartel’ (a game of monopolising resources for 2-4 players)

  • ‘Butchers’ Bourse’ is an auction game with unlimited bids for 3-6 players

  • ‘Butchers vs Orcs’ is a roll-and-move game a bit like backgammon but with leader pieces for 2 players

  • ‘Orcs! Dicing with Death’ is a push-your-luck dice game for 2-8 players.

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Here’s a great example of Skein Reading using the Runes Way cards.

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