The Stridings and Steadings

Are you part of a Striding or Steading looking for new members? Or are you a lonely Navarri looking a home? Well here is a place for you to shout up and hopefully find what you are looking for.

Foxden, your friendly northern steading that welcome any one who likes to have fun we also welcome associate steadings. Started on founding of empire and hope to keep it going. Please feel free to get in contact through myself or any of the foxden on the book of faces.

Splitroot striding based in Brocaliande.

No real entry requirements.
Current group size: 5(although we are affiliated with Foxden and Brackensong, so this feels much larger).
Range of experiences.

Together with Foxden steading and Brackensong steading we field a group in the battles, and have a coven.
We usually have a big ol’ pot of mulled wine on the go in the evenings, and plenty of booze/marshmellows going around.

Any questions feel free to drop me a PM. (if there are lots I’ll update this post)

Redaxe Striding, a mercenary group, the only requirement is that your character has some form of beneficial skill , which pretty much covers anything. The group is generally a “grey area” group in terms of how much we follow the law (i.e. we have no problem with criminal activities, provided they don’t negatively effect the group) so if your character is a strictly law abiding citizen, or worse, a lawman/woman, this probably isn’t the group for you. :wink: We will be having several enterprises (some legal, some… not so much) running that members can help to run and make money from and we will be gathering as many mercenary contracts as we can, which we will be giving out to our members. We will also be running a tavern at some point in the future (depending on how long it takes to sort out all the stuff for it) which members will be able to drink at for considerable discounts, everyone knows mercenaries love to drink :wink:

Its a secret group, so you’ll have to find us in the field, drop me a PM if you are interested and i’ll let you know what/who to look out for. Likewise, if you have any questions, send me a PM :smiley:

FirstDance steading/striding based in Brocaliande.

No real entry requirements.
Current group size: 2(although we are affiliated with Foxden, Splitroot, Pathfinders, Eternal Family and Brackensong, so just call us friendly or socialable).
Range of experiences. From over 30 years larping to first larp experience was the first empire

We wander the battle field not in a group doing our speciality to who ever and where ever needed

We will have our first IC tent next Empire most probably next Foxden, Brackensong and Splitroot.

Thorntarry Striding / Steading (The Steading does not come to Anvil, but the Striding does.)
[ul]OOC: Rock up and talk to the Brand (The Lion of Hercynia) and/or myself.
IC: Go out into the snow laden mountains of Northern Hercynia by yourself and return with the pelt of the* Snow Lion* that you killed. You will then:
[list]be given the branding of thorns,
you may call yourself Thorntarry, and
you can wear the pelt of your Snow Lion with pride. [/ul]
We work very closely with the Duskborne Striding. To the point where some can’t tell the difference. - They don’t wear our signature white fur. - Simples.


Hi all, im curently unsworn to a striding or steading an hoping to go to the empire event in july or sep

Ic stuff: Faolan ‘sore-foot’ is a traveling Navarr who is a trade broker who has been plying his skills all over the empire, and spent too long among the marcher lords, the forrest calls again. I am looking for a striding or steading who will welcome an extra pair of hands and keen eye for a bargin.

foxden are always happy to welcome new brothers and sisters into the pack.

But I would suggest go meet people. You can move around the navarr brief states. but I’m settled and to be honest too much plot to change families.