The Varushka National Synod assembly

Hello to all the Veruskan Faithful, I am looking to contact the head of the Veruskan national assembly so I can arrange some IC meetings, any chance that anybody here knows how to contact them?

Bishop Julius Cavita

Hey there.

As far as I am aware we don’t have a formal head of the Assembly, but I, Father Drakov, Priest of Vigilance am more than happy to help, feel free to PM me.

Mark Shelby aka Father Drakov, Priest of Vigilance and member of the Vor’azi

Hi there, I’m also in the Varushkan national assembly and yeah, we don’t have a ‘head’. We tend to meet informally once near the start of a 4 day event and once near the end, unless something urgent comes up in which case ad hoc meetings happen. Your best bet is to come find a priest (or look at our noticeboard) in the Varushkan camp at the start of the event. Best to sort it out on the field, mostly because none of us will actually know when the meetings are until after time in anyway!

Priests! There are Priests everywhere!!!