Therapy spa


hello everyone
i was wondering if there is any call for a ic spa
i am trained in deep muscle massage/hot stone therapy as well as relaxation massage
i would charge at a reduced rate for pound sterling would there be any call for this if so i will be at all events this year


There are masseuses in game however I do not believe anyone does hot stones so you’ll have something unique


How are the stones heated? as you might need PD to sort electricity or put you near some at least.


i have that all sorted as i have a stove to warm them. also fully insured to do all treatments


I think if you want to charge real money, you’ll have to talk to PD about it.


yeah was next thing to do was seeing if there was any interest first to see if its worth it


There is a massage guild, I believe, you may want to seek them out?


I think there may be rules against offering services for non game money, definitely worth asking!

Lady from Sigehold in wintermark offers massages but I couldn’t tell you who she is OC unfortunately


i might recomend getting this ritual cast on your establishment as well. it will make your establishment both IC and OOC relaxing.


was the plan once i got all set up