Things to sell IC

I’m trying to find some things to sell for IC money. How well does fruit/vegetables sell (and which ones)? Also alcohol.
I’m trying to find somthing to sell that has a good rate of return (im thinking a throne per 10 punds) and sells relatively quickly (there are other things i want to do at the event then sell cabbages)

I would normally leave such things for the field, but i’d like to know before i sink OOC money into this.

Edit: The general consensus seems to be that selling fruits and vegetables isnt what im looking for. Thanks for all the input.


If you really want to make money then think about the weather. If it is going to be a cold day then something hot will sell, well, like hot cakes. If it is a hot day then something cold would do well. The problem with this is you need a fire to keep the food hot and a cooler to keep it cool.

Alcohol will always sell however you will have a lot of competition. Some people brew their own and add lots of different flavours. If you can find a niche and you know who to sell to, then you might do quite well.

I haven’t seen many people sell fruit and vegetables. You might get some interest from people who are making their own meals but I think that not so many people will buy vegetables. If you do sell fruit, you might need to sell it in the form of a desert. An Eton mess is a good example of this. The thing about fruit is, that all though it is nice, people are at anvil for a holiday and will most likely go for the unhealthy stuff. If you are going to sell fruit, then look for people who might want to watch their weight, I’m sure they are out there but I’m not sure how you would ask.

I think in the end, what I would do, would be to walk around with a basket of fruit and little sweet snack things, the kinds of things you might find at an ice cream station. You can then give people the option of either having the fruit as it is or having a pudding which you will prepare for them using the fruit and stuff in the basket. I think people would enjoy watching you prepare their desert right in front of them.

If you can bake then that will open up a few possibilities. You could make a large cake and instead of sell pieces of it, sell tickets to win the cake. Not sure how well that would work but it could be worth a go.

You could also look into sweets that you can buy in bulk and then sell bags of those.

When it comes to the actual selling, you can try going from camp to camp, you can try standing near places people congregate like the hub and the entrance or you could keep your ear to the ground and see if you can sell at events. Navarr have a song and story time. You might be able to make a bit selling there however they sort of like their free stuff there so it might not be so easy.

Biscuits and cake and the like are often peddled for IC money. Ditto savory snacks and drinks. Fruit will probably do pretty well.

But not for a throne. Bear in mind that the player characters are the leaders and commanders of the Empire… they won’t be buying fruit and veg by the wain to resupply their holdings at Anvil.

Also, 19 rings is a seasons profits, not counting personal resource. The service industry at Anvil is greatly inflated, but while you could spend 19 rings on a round of drinks for a group of friends, for a throne (8 times that much) you could buy drinks for half a nation…

There is one group that sells bottles of honeyed rum, at 4 crowns a bottle. That’s the most expensive stuff I know going for IC money with no mechanical effect (wains of Mithril, on the other hand, go for 5 thrones and up…).

So you CAN sell stuff for IC money. And you CAN make a good bit on it. But you’ll need more than fruit and veg :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, cooking isn’t going to be an option. I wasnt planning on selling the fruits by the throne, 4 or so rings maybe (but then again I’ll have to adjust those particular prices on the field. Any specific fruits and vegetables might sell well?

Any other suggestions for things to sell?

I was thinking going to charity shops, antique shops ect and finding some various odds and ends, Empire-ing them up and selling them as curios.

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Jewellery will certain sell. If you can find some cool things for decorating tents as well, I’m sure people will buy it. When getting things like that, I recommend looking at the bits and pieces and thinking about which nations they fit so you know who to try and sell them to. It would probably be best go for small things. Big things like chairs will need more space when moving them to anvil and can’t sell as many (though you can probably go for a higher price).

When it comes to charity shops, it is more about looking inside and seeing what you think looks good rather than going in with a plan to find something.

With fruit you need to look at practicality vs desirability. I think strawberries and pomegranates, passion fruit and papaya will be quite popular however things like apples, pears and bananas are a lot more practice as they don’t need to be prepared. Peaches and nectarines might be good because they sort of fit into the best of both worlds. Maybe make a poll on it?

Do you have any creative skills? It could be anything from carpentry to writing. If you can make something, then you would probably be able to sell it. You can also always sell IC skills like ritual casting. I think the asking price is usually the cost of the ritual plus one or two crowns for doing it.

My last suggestion is maybe renting blankets to people. It gets quite cold and I’m sure many people would be happy to rent one for a few rings. You’d just need to find suitable blankets.

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So this is a bit of a tricky one. To address various points:

You can make money selling fruit and veg - indeed, there was an IC fruit and veg stall in the Marches for the first year or so of the game. But it’s going to take years selling in rings to make thrones, and it requires a lot of OC time and effort and above all consistency. Think about it - most people have made plans for feeding themselves (supermarket trip, money for caterers etc, group food) long before they reach the event. They’re not going to rely on being able to pick up a potato or an onion or a bunch of carrots on the field, unless you’ve been there several events running and had a consistent level of stock and opening hours - and even then, why spend your hard-earned IC money when you can spend pennies in the supermarket on the way to site?

This is where pick-up-and-go food comes into its own. People are often very busy at events, and having something they can buy and scoff right there right then is very attractive. Even so, for most peddling you’re still in rings. Things like full bottles of alcohol, spectacular iced cakes, full served meals - proper show-stopping stuff - that’s the sort of thing that might go for crowns.

If you don’t want to just spend masses OC to make what is ultimately play money, you need to find a way to add value, and that means using your own time, effort and ingenuity, both on and off the field. Charity shop tat is a good one (you’re spending your time and effort to locate, improve and/or IC-ify goods). Small stuff like jewellery and pouches is also good - though beware, because this stuff can be relatively cheap to make there’s a lot of it on the market. This is where your ingenuity comes in - a lovely IC pouch decorated with runes, cultural designs etc probably beats out a quick and simply leather job. Virtue symbols, emblems of national pride, stuff related to the realms beats out generic fantasy pendants.

But really, in the end - I’d strongly suggest you adjust your expectations for how much you can make this way. Aim for crowns, not thrones. If you want to go for the big money as an individual, you need to either commit to a properly long slog - at 4 games a year, it could be years in real life - or engage in the game mechanisms that handle that: IC special materials, the Bourse and the sort of downtime resource (farms, businesses, fleets) that produces income.


Fruit can sell, so long as you do them in small batches - last summit, someone was selling strawberries in cupcake cases, roughly 4 largish ones for 3-5 rings. Was touting them as an “Asavean delicacy” which, considering how rare they are on the field, worked quite well. I think, it ideally needs to be something that is small enough that people can just eat, but also be self contained so you don’t have to worry about them being exposed to the air (things like apple slices will brown for example). Perhaps little cases of mixed berries or similar might do well?

No idea how well veg would do - as @IWillGetThingsRong says, I suspect this would only work for those making their own food, and even then I imagine most of them come prepared. Whereas small amounts of sweet fruit can be seen as more of a treat.

Alcohol always does well, but yes there will be competition. The honey rum that @Geoffrey_Willoughby mentions is actually mine, and I can honestly say it took a good while of bringing it to every event before we were able to not have to sell it all weekend. It’s definitely doable, it just takes having something a bit different and making a name for yourself - when we started out, there was a lot of walking around selling, just to try to get our product out there.

As others have said, making/altering things can go down really well, especially if you give them an Empire twist. As @SevenSecrets says, people are more likely to buy something that is themed to the game, so if you’re any good at crafting then you might be in there!


I found a fruit stall selling bananas by the Senate door last event and it was amazing, but fruit goes for cake prices, which is unlikely to make you thrones unless you can offload a lot.

My rule of thumb is that rings are for food and drink, crowns are for artisan materials / small game items, and thrones are for plot or serious game items.

Food you can eat immediately is the name of the game; carrot sticks / celery / cucumber is probably an under-served market, especially at warm events.

You can get premium pricing on some food and drink but it tends to be alcohol, whole prepared meals, or extremely decorative centerpieces, and the market is fairly small so it’s a risky business to be in.


Unless you have a dedicated group tent, It’ll be a lot of work to make thrones solely on OC food and drink.

Lets say you sell something for 3 rings a unit, and a throne is 160 rings = 54 sales if you want to make a throne. Even at 5rings per unit that’s 32 sales.
This is why drinks are an easy bet - You can get a decent amount from each bottle, keg or cask.
A Throne for under a tenner could be a tall order, but I’m sure there’s something out there which would work well.
One of the things about wandering around with a food or drink, is that it opens up opportunities to trade materials, and that’s a decent way to up your coin. Suss out the market, buy lower than average, walk, sell slightly more than average.
Ok, you are only making a few rings per unit, but there are more people looking to buy materials than there are wanting cake consistently.

If there was something I could bring with me, offload for a throne withing the first few hours then get on with the game, I’d be all over that!

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The general consensus seems to be that selling fruits and vegetables isnt what im looking for. Thanks for all the input.

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Looks like i’ll probly be finding some smallish odds and ends to Empire-up and selling them as trinkets and curios. honestly seems more fun to me and might have better profits. And worse comes to worse i can put what i dont sell in a bag, cast Ephisis’ Scale and get some things from that as well as helping out the prop department.


You can also put items in the public Bourse auction. (Trip to the hub, talk to the civil service in charge of the Bourse, set a reserve price if wanted, collect money the following day). Better for one off impressive things, but hand made items do sell.


Me and my wife brought I think 8 or 9 cakes to e4 last year and we earned a good number of crowns, above 20 thats for sure - I remember reminiscing that we can afford the rare resources on the auction now. 5 rings a slice, 12 slices to a cake +/- what we consumed ourselves - it was a good cheese cake we werent holding back ^^

Took us 8 hours or so of baking, driving it in from Glasgow and then well most of the event selling it. Felt a bit like being an npc in an rpg game, didnt get to enjoy the event as much as we were stuck being peddlers, that includes being rather unable to meet new people as time was a big constraint.

It did help my wife with her anxiety as when we started out on time-in, she was too scared to go up to anybody and offer the cake, but by sunday she was comfortable with it. Good and bad things I guess.

A lot of people enjoy jerky it seems, so that might be an idea for you. Maybe organize games with rewards, but I wouldnt go for veggies myself - all the food I had was either my own cake or bought food from the stands ready to consume.

If youre thinking of making money, artisan is one idea. You fill the gaps in of being a subpar warrior with the 3 free magical items you get. Getting into the trading game can be a bit daunting at first, theres that.


Sekinok-Jal - See that’s a really decent idea. OK, there was 1 event where you were just peddlers, but that 1 event showed how easy it is to approach foreign camps, and bolstered your purse. If you are just there to be social, that amount (Plus downtime packs) will keep you going for a good few events.

Also ‘Unable to meet new people’? You met 8 or 9 x 12 slices worth of people. Ok, you didn’t sit down and have an in-depth chat as often as you’d like, but I’m sure you got an idea of the people you WANT to talk to (i.e the parts of the game you are interested in). Also, it sounds silly, but it’s ok to not have an amazing event. Every one can’t be the BEST ONE EVER.

Jerky is a good one, if you have the resources to make it (I found beef to be a bit too pricey for me), and can charge a little more on the field - But it all goes back to having an idea of what people will have to hand and who you’ll be selling to.

Artisan… eh… tread with caution. Chat to a few groups, wander around the field and see what there might be a demand for before spending points. Most medium to large groups will have their own dedicated artisan, and smaller groups might not have the funds. The 3 free things can be cool if you can sell them, but don’t expect loads of money back for them - Any group worth their salt will know what the items are, and know that you got them for free. Also, if you don’t sell them within the event, the value will decrease significantly each event until they expire next year.

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It’s true we met people, but it’s meeting people in the same way you would if you go to a restaurant, I’m the waiter the wife’s the chef and you’re with somebody. Maybe I’m anti-social but in that arrangement I don’t see you spending much time with the waiter apart from getting the order, frankly when waiters keep on asking me while I’m eating if everything’s fine with the food I get irritated.

I’m not a pessimist if I do portray myself as one. We had plans and a small amount of them actually worked out. It was pleasant to see people enjoy the cake though, which is nice. Even had return customers and word of mouth promoting it without any paid promotion, so it was a warm feeling.

I get what you mean, and you clearly have a systematic/logical mind, but see it more like… an Avon or Tupperware rep.

You can bounce from camp to camp, offering wares and nothing more - And that works if your only goal is to raise cash. From the way you post, it seems like thats not the way you want the game to go, So start conversations. You now have enough cash to be able to take it a bit easier.

You gotta remember - In a restaurant, people are there to eat - So it’s annoying when the waiter - The stranger paid to be there to give you food - Keeps coming at you with the same query.
On the field, you are approaching with a new product that they may or may not want. So having a rapport can work wonders. Also you are not just talking about the food or drink. One of the main lessons I’ve learnt over the years, is that people in LARP love talking about themselves.‘So what do you do?’ will usually elicit a short summary of who they are. ‘I’m on the lookout for a decent Cider - Any ideas?’

Basically, you are not a shopkeeper (If you don’t want to be). You are the visiting elite of your nation.
I think what happened with you, is that you just brought too much with you and it took all weekend to sell (Because balls to lugging cakes back up to Glasgow). Thats not a bad thing. You now know the market for your product. If you find someone who REALLY likes it, tell them they can commission a whole cake, and give them a deal on it. for the next event.
Straight-up trade cake for drinks. Many resource traders start out with cake, beer or sweets, and many still have them - They are a great way to get into a camp and to get a conversation rolling.

I don’t think you’re wrong on any of your points. Definitely too much cake, had no idea about the demand and did Not want to bring it back up with us if possible ^^

I think I’m just not that much of a peddler to begin with, I got stuck doing it and plodded through because the thing I like even less definitely is wasting food :wink:

I had some ideas to combat the time required to sell the cakes, auction is an option as well as selling tickets with the winner winning a cake ( rather then a slice ). Alternatives include promotion and hiring a mobile salesman - and taking the cut to my income but providing game for people that Do like peddling stuff but potentially can’t battle the logistics of baking and bringing it to Anvil.

When I’ll be at anvil next time, I might actually go and enjoy the activities rather then tying a ball and chain to myself ^^

The summer events if warm would be a great time to sell cold drings. Fruit compot would sell very well. If you’re unlucky with the weather though you’re screwed. If it’s cold then warm food might be a good idea.

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Tap into your creative side and see what pops out. Maybe you can carve things out of wood, do leatherworking, drawing, singing?

I’d say do things that are of interest to you, and if you earn rings doing it even better.

I went at it with stone cold efficiency in mind but that’s not what empire larp is about.


Home made stuff sells well, but I really (personally) Don’t like shop bought stuff, that is re-packed with little thought, Ginger nuts in a bag being called ‘ginger cookies’ and sold for the same price as home made gingerbread for example, and the like.
I always appreciate something that has had a bit of thought going into it, and that I cannot buy at the shop and take to Anvil!