Thoughts on a potential IC background

So i’m creating my first Empire character and have been thinking of a few ideas. One that come to mind was, due to the fact i’m a new to Empire and don’t know much of any lore and such (i’m trying to learn as much as i can before the event) would it be dumb to play a character who has suffered from some form of memory loss.

This explaining why i ‘cant remember’ (don’t know) much info aside from a few basic bits. This would also allow me to seek out the knowledge while IC and give me a way to interact with people while RPing.

i hope i explained this idea clearly and if you have any thoughts, Good or bad, let me know what you think.


It’s an option… but you could equally well play a character who is from a relative backwater, and just doesn’t know much of Imperial history or recent politics and things. That way you just need to know the basics of The Way and of your nation’s culture, and read the Wiki page for the particular territory and region where you character lives.

It’s common for new players to play characters who are new to Anvil and don’t know much.


Please note NO-ONE knows all the wiki!

You need to have a good feel fro the basics of your chosen nation.

if you’re going to be an autumn mage - you need a basic idea of the 3 basic magic spells (bond, open portal, detect magic) a rough idea of how you might cast any solo rituals and a notebook with any other rituals you have mastered.

Everything else you can ask someone about.

I have played my character since the start. I have very little idea of the military game, vague info on the priest game and frequently have to remind myself of the healing time counts because despite being a healer since the start I forget between events.

Have a notebook, make notes on anything you think might be useful and if you don’t understand, or want to know more, ask.

As you are a new player the important phrase is “i’m new to Anvil”. Then you’ll get more explanations than you know what to do with!


Also, this new Wiki page is really good:


As Canashir has stated, “a few basic bits” is about all you need.

I like the wiki, I read up a lot, and I’ve been following this game since before it started… and I still reckon I know maybe 40%…

You need to be familiar with:
A bit about your nation (the top page of your national brief)
Your home town (your province. Just the quick summary is fine)
The basics of the Way: Live in a virtuous way and you will be reborn quickly when you die. The Virtues are Vigilance, Courage, Wisdom, Pride, Loyalty, Prosperity and Ambition. (And if you can remember more than 4 on the spot, well done…)

All else is a bonus, and to an extent, more fun to learn in play.

Let’s take a modern analogue. You’re a Danish fisherman who’s recently inherited your dads fishing fleet. Now a man of some local stature, you trot off to Brussels to do the paperwork for the inheritance at the EU parliament, and see the sights. You know a bit about Denmark and a lot about fishing. You won’t be expected to know about international trading tariffs, military projects, or what the Spanish did last week. But you may end up recruited to translate Danish, grabbed for a multi-national conference about fishing, and find yourself out drinking at 2am with the Moldovans trying to remember your name :slight_smile:

Oh yes, the basics of your characters skills is also a good idea. If you have anything complex (magic spells, rituals, crafting, potions, surgery) then having it written down on a cheat sheet in your pocket is fine.


Memory loss is a bit… cheesy… as a background mechanic. As others have said, if you can remember the basics then the phrase “I’m new to Anvil” will see you through.

Even better if you can think of why you abused that ritual so much!

Oh wow i didn’t even know this was a ritual! sounds pretty cool, it seem that people are leaning towards it being a bad idea however, iv got plenty of other potential back story bouncing around my head though.

I did consider mentioning that ritual, but it would take have taken a lot of effort (and a lot of mana crystals) and even then there are things it can’t do, given that each casting only removes one specific event, location, person or day: as it says on the Wiki page,

I don’t think that would let someone forget things like the principles of The Way, or the laws of the Empire, or the fact that there are lineaged humans, or that the Empire is at war with the Druj, or various other background facts…

Is the Empire a “location”?

The empire is a group of nations who came together for safety and to prosper, lots of nasty things in the world to worry about ( if you are a combatant there is alot more)

That’s a good question! I wonder if there’s a definition of location anywhere.

Might not forget culture and customs, just the geography though.

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The ritual can target a location to forget. Is Anvil a viable location, is Casinea viable, is the whole of the Empire viable? The definition of ‘location’ is important in determining what a character can forget.

We’ll see. I’ll learn the whole wiki someday, just ya’ll wait XD

E3 will be my first Empire event and my first ever LARP so how am I planning to get around the noobie stage - My character has spent the past decade living as a hermit in the woods farming pigs and giant tree mushrooms to sell to the nearby towns…but that’s it that’s as far as he has interacted so naturally he is out of the loop. There is a lot more to his tale such as why he chose excsile and why he is Frayed but that’s for interested players to find out. As to everything else I am reading all I can but hay if all else fails - I am new to Anvil!

You don’t need a backstory of isolation. You could quite easily know only a little about your province, and next to nothing about the wider scope, having been happily interacting with folk on a regular basis.

If you had no electronic media (there are a few Empire newspapers and print media), how much would you know about issues in other European countries? Or other continents? Or complex physics experiments? You don’t have to be a deep-woods pig-herder to be out of the loop on stuff…

You can do fine with a read of your national brief, and your province brief. And if you want a reason to suddenly pop up at Anvil, I can reccomend the Winds of War and the Winds of Fortune as motivating changes that shake people towards the center of events with one purpose or another… :smiley:

Thanks but I will still go with isolation as it reflects an event in my life. I will he exploring some personal demons thought my role play which I have been unable to process in RL…it just so happens that it also helps with my being new.

Ah, right then, go for it!

Be aware some Marchers may happily discuss pigs at length… :slight_smile:

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