Tian, monasteries and more Highguard questions

Hi! Some friends and I are in the process of creating a Highborn Chapter for our first event (virtue’s be good, in September), and so I have a slew of seemingly-random-but-actually-linked questions.

1: Aside from what is available on the wiki, does anyone have any information or stories about Tian, the Paragon of Ambition? Has anyone else included her in their personal/group backstory? We’d like to reference her in our Chapter origins, but it would be nice to dovetail it with existing stories, even if they aren’t accepted canon.

2: Tian climbed a mountain to bring the fire of the sun to humanity. I’m assuming that this story is as dubiously factual as real life greek myths or arthurian legends. Is that right? Also, true or not, do we know where said mountain is located? Is it reasonable that my Chapter could claim the mountain is located in the region of Bastion? I don’t think Bastion even has mountains, but would a Lonely Mountain, one-off type be reasonable?

3: Monasteries/abbeys/religious seclusion. Could they work in the Empire setting? Are religious communities ever separate from their local communities? I get the particular impression that Highguard emphasises communal living, so this may undermine the idea of such a division. Also, are Chapterhouses synonymous with religious buildings or would it make sense for a church/monastery to exist separately?

4: Finally (sorry for the long post!), am I correct in referring to religious individuals of any gender as priests, or should I use a different term(s)?

I’m afraid I can’t answer your specific questions, but a couple of general points:

Claiming a link to a legendary figure is fine, and may get you into arguements. This makes good game :slight_smile:

Looking at the page for Tian, I note that she may get credit for bringing summer magic to the Empire. Given how Highguard feels about magic and Eternals, this could also strike some sparks…

Probably not a good idea to write in a mountain in a province more known for woods and rolling plains…

Your post is nowhere near as long and full of questions as some. If you have more, feel free to ask.


1 Not sure about chapters referencing Tian. We have our own chapter founder than we invented and maintain he was an exemplar, whether anyone else agrees or not.

  1. You can pretty much claim what you like, whether anyone else will believe you is another question. I would assume that the story is more myth and legend than factually true, BUT Highguard has a thing about the virtue of a story being more important than the absolute facts (which urizen really doesn’t like!). There is an in joke of ‘highguard history’ being whatever you want to make of a story.
    However as far as I am aware Bastion is not considered to have any mountains, and with Urizen next door which definitely does that would seem to be a difficult claim. How about claiming that your chapter has some of the lost stanzas of the Tianese Epic which prove/disprove her paragon hood?

3 We maintain our Chapterhouse is somewhat secluded for defense reasons, containing farmland, bath house and everything within it’s walls, several others occupy difficult to reach fastnesses , for defense also or because they are sat on something that should not be left for the common folk to poke at! Accept like historical monasteries in England they would likely be the local landholder also so a manor house with living quarters and a community around it, fortified castle with military training grounds or similar is absolutely fine. Having a chapel or even cathedral as part of your buildings would be normal I think. Religious Seclusion is less likely, because the religion of the Way is about ‘doing things’ and being seen doing them, so hiding away to become a hermit is not considered particularly Virtuous.

4 yes Priest is a gender neutral term. However to some extent all chapter siblings are considered to be part priests so you may want to use some of the other archetype names too.

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  1. No stories, but go for it! Drawing on the setting like that is good stuff :slight_smile:

  2. No mountains in Bastion, but there are some in Casinea. Id suggest just moving there tbh. Alternatively you could have originally been based on that mountain but have long since been kicked out and now reside in Bastion? Maybe you arent even now sure where that original mountain was?

  3. Chapters already are monasteries tbh in most practical terms, albeit fortified ones that have grown a bit over the years due to occupation. A small isolated Chapter up a mountain would probably resemble a monastery quite closely tbh.

  4. Generally best to avoid gendered terms unless the individual is using them but Empire is gender neutral as a rule :slight_smile: