Town planning

So, I’ve been thinking lately about the style, layout and architecture of my character’s hometown, with a view to creating art, maps, etc. This has raised a few questions:

Is there a typical “Highborn style” for towns? How do you envision them? Is there anything you would specifically avoid?

Is the chapterhouse the whole town/complex, or just a single sort of “town hall” structure?

Personally, I struggle to reconcile the grandiosity of the Minas Tirith-style inspirations with smaller Highborn towns and villages.

I know some people have run with the Byzantine influence on the nation when it comes to imagining Highborn architecture. So that era Constantinople might provide some inspiration.


If it helps I’ve always imagined our Chapter house as one of those walled monastery/ fortified citadel type buildings, seen a lot in the south of Europe. Everything including orchards and fields inside the walls. We’re the only group on our bit of the mountain, so probably the only settlement locally. If you’re not actually a member then the locals would be tenant farmers of our land etc.

However for city dwellers I’m thinking a Chapter house there is something between a Hostel and a guild house, possibly again within a walled compound depending on how long ago it was built, and who were at war with at the time, but spread throughout the city. Maybe one or two in a town, with middle class merchants and trades around them and farms further out.
I would expect quite a lot of fountains, due to the handwashing thing, and therefore plazas to show them off perhaps, otherwise style is probably down to local building materials and again who were were at war with when it was built!

Just my thoughts, others may have other daydreams!

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My chapter and I have always imagined Haros, the town we’re based in, to be very mediterranean-inspired.

As far as I know, most chapter houses are large walled structures containing several buildings, kind of like a monestary but with a more military design. Of course, varitions do exist and there’s no hard-and-fast ruling, so your chapter house can look however you want!

The Suns of Couros chapter house stands either side of the river Haros, linked by a bridge, and contains a small keep, herb gardens, barracks, cloisters, and a small forge.


Oh yes we’ve always said the Felix’s Watch chapter house looks a lot like the monasteries at Meteora in Greece.

We have a main Chapter House complex and then we have some satellite buildings “further up the mountain” plus a chapter lodge in Bastion for when we’re visiting or passing through.

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I think it depends on region, out on the borders or newly reclaimed Reikos i suspect most Chapters or settlements are walled at the very least, its going to relax the nearer you get to Bastion and the older the Chapter/settlement is until you end up with the formerly fortified settlement spilling out over the countryside.

Architecture wise definitely look around the Mediterranean and especially the Crusader states on top of what folks have already suggested.

For some reason probably not borne out by actual sources i always see the Sentinels work as kinda brutalist, its been described as practical but ugly and its somewhat anachronistic given it is both ancient and also militarily relevant :slight_smile:

Our current Chapter house is newly rediscovered right up on the Eastern fringes based around an abandoned Sentinels watchtower so im imagining a mix of the Brutalist original with modern (Crusader state modern anyway) but sympathetic repairs and extensions surrounded by a semi permanent log palisade and outbuildings whilst the Chapter keep expands and proper stone gets brought in.

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