Trollies and carts


Hey, not the greatest picture, but i have used this Trolley in the past few events with no complaints, it has fairy lights in the orange to see it a night time.

i was wondering if there is anything else i could do to it to make it more in character, it stands out a fair bit in pictures.

thank you.

The biggest question is going to be, What nation are you part of? Just as with decorating an IC tent decorating your mobile unit should match to your national look and outcome.

then the second option and consideration would be what is its roll? are you trying to attract attention because you want to sell things to people? do you just need it to get your stuff around?

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Generally if you can put it in your nation colours, or your house or group colours you’ll find it blends in alot better in pictures.

It stands out in the one above because there is nothing else blue or orange in sight. I suspect if you put it in the brass coast camp it wouldn’t stand out so much even in it’s current colours!

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I am actually brass coast, I was just visiting friends here, so that is true about it standing out.

As for its use, I sell lots of alcohol and cake it is very useful.

So in the photo it is actually doing a good job of advertising!

Possibly worth considering adding a trading name in banners along the sides, easily done by painting with acrylic onto heavy cotton, so that it actually becomes part of your props and is therefore intentionally on show instead?


Thats a brilliant idea, thank you.

The other thing I’d recommend is have some Lightstones on it for dusk/evening, these are just modern LED lights that have been done up a bit so they look IC. Wrap them round your cart and it’ll look good I reckon.

Underneath the orange fabric qre fairy lights they do help especially for safety

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