Tusks of Mourne?

Hi guys, new to LARPing but I’ve thought it over and I want to play a Marches character from Mitwold in a future event.
I’d like to join a house just to establish some connections, and the Tusks of Mourne caught my eye on this forum, however they do not appear to have a contact detail. Should I wait until an event to search them out, or is there someone I can contact?

Welcome along PieGuy, to the hobby, the game, and the Forums!

Joining a group is generally a good idea, as is getting to know them beforehand. You COULD wait for an event, or you could try looking elsewhere. They may well notice you here and reply…

In the meantime, have you tried:

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Cheers, I’ll have a look.

That’s probably because the Tusks stopped coming several years ago, and the only connection is an Army that now has their name on it.

For Mournwold houses try here, and put out a contact request on the Marcher forum or Facebook group.

If you turn up in play as a new Mournwolder, the important recent thing to remember is a couple of years back the Empire decided to carpet-bomb the territory with Curses to kill a lot of Jotun. It also killed a lot of Mournwolders. As in 1/6 of them. This made a lot of people very angry.


I was thinking more Mitwold, but thanks I’ll have a look.