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So - there are 18 constellations - 6 realms of magic - are they linked - I can see that the Key and Lock could align with night and day for example - but is this accidental - intentional - is it FOIP or is there a page of the wiki I’m missing [I’m decorating books and writing things during long dark so don’t want to say or associate something that isn’t world lore etc]
Thanks all

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I suspect it’s more like a chance for contentious argument and vigorous discussion!


This is what I hope as well…

They are not hard linked, that is you can use any constellation in conjunction with any realm, so long as the ritual resonates with the Law of the constellation.

To take an example you brought up the Key [Things are Revealed] has a very close resonance with the realm of Day yet I would also frequently invoke it with Autumn and Winter rituals such as ‘Skein of years’ or ‘Wisdom of the Balanced Blade’. It is the act of revelation that is important to the constellation rather than the methods used to gain that revelation.

As another example, The Fountain’ [Things Live] might be most commonly noted as supporting rituals of spring that heal, yet it could also be invoked in Summer magics that impart heroic healing capabilities, Autumn Magic that seeks the origins of a thing, Winter magic that reduces the chance of death. Day magic that purges poison and Night magic that eases the mind.


You’re not missing anything OC. I suspect it’s similar to the runes, though perhaps not quite as strong a connection. There are overlaps in their uses; in the same way that the Wiki says you might choose to use Rhyv instead of Cavul to purify a poison (which is more Day magic than Spring), you might use The Lock (which you might think of as a “Day” constellation) to ward a place despite warding traditionally being Winter magic. It gives astronomancers like myself a bit of variety!

Edit: looks like @Ricohard and myself are on the same wavelength!


Thank you everyone. A certain event writer and another decorator will be very happy!

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