Everybodies kit looks amazing, and I constantly find myself wondering where in the hell I could get something even half that good. But, what’s next? Armour, weaponry, or just clothing?

I need: A proper coat. Our dearest Senator owns such an awesome example and I wants one.
A decent Viking-esq round shield. Happily, this is in the works.
More charms! Can never rattle too much when you walk around.

How about you lot?

Well, aside from trying to build up my mage armour, I think I need to get a belt buckle to go on my pointy hat! Oh, and a staff that I’ve now fallen in love with, it has giant blue crystals coming out the top!!!

Craft Mage Armour, Add fur to pretty much everything, Add Embroidery to everthing, Make new long coat, Find/make “War hat”…

Embroidery. Moar embroidery. ALL the embroidery!