Varushka camp planning - E1 2019 (April)

E1 may seem like a distant dream at the moment but the Camp Planners are starting to stir from their winter slumber. If you lovely people can let me know what canvas you’re planning on bringing as soon as you know what you’ll be bringing that would be very helpful in arguing our need for space in the field. A fresh spreadsheet can be found here
Please make sure the spreadsheet you’re filling in is the one for E1 2019, not one linked from an other post ! :wink:


Thankyou everyone who’ve got their canvas on the spreadsheet for E1 already. I’m going to start working on the camp layout for E1 this weekend so please, if you haven’t done it, please do so as soon as you’re able.

Just to give everyone fair warning: with the League and Marches swapping position, two food-vendors being included in our camp and a couple of seriously big groups joining the nation the layout is going to change fairly radically so don’t count on everything being in exactly the same place as last time.


Here is the (hopefully) final layout for E1. Orange “roads” need to be kept clear of guy ropes, hearths & other immovable gubbins to allow access for emergency vehicles. Yellow “paths” are to allow mobility access through the camp but only need to be about 1m wide. Groups are free to rearrange themselves within the space I’ve given them and if there are any major issues I’ve not spotted please give me a headsup either here or by PM.
If you’ve forgotten to add your tent to the spreadsheet we still have a little space in odd gaps to fit in small (4m or less) tents. Just PM me and I’ll get you added in.
A plan of the full field will be published, probably Monday when all the Planners are happy with their individual camps.