Varushka camp planning - E2 2019 (June)

[Camp planner] Seeing people enthusing about new IC tents elsewhere can I encourage everyone planning on camping IC at E2 to fill in the spreadsheet asap, please? Attendance is looking to be well up on E1 and I need to get a feel for where I’m putting you all. Please be aware that after group tents used as interaction spaces, I give priority to families and people with mobility issues for pitching in the IC area. If necessary I will ask anyone else with tents they’re only using for sleeping to move to the OC camping area. This will be done on the basis of need, not “first come, first served”.
Linky to the spreadsheet


The spreadsheet is now locked to further edits. If you need to add anything please PM me. We can fit in a few SMALL tents to the eastern side of the camp (on the low ground) but I’m not going to be rearranging the layout so anything larger than a 4m bell will need to go in the OC field. Here’s the layout for our camp. I’ll post the full field as a PDF when I get the go-ahead from Matt P. Please be careful to keep the orange and yellow routes through the camp clear of guy ropes, firepits etc. The 5m wide orange “roads” are for emergency vehicle access. Please especially note the 5m gap along the hedgeline nearest GOD which is there to give the Marches free access to the road without having to traverse our camp. For set-up: the Hearth needs to be 47m from the hedge and 30m from the road edge. This is NOT the same position as last event!