Very new to LARP - does my character make sense?

Hi everyone! I met some Empire players this past week and my wife and I are very excited about getting into LARPing. We probably can’t attend an event until next year, but that should give us plenty of time to put our gear together!

There’s obviously a huge amount of info to take in, but I read enough to find a nation and archetype that appealed to me. I’d love to know what you think of this tentative character idea.

Drogoviz Samovich Janda
Age: 33
Varushka | Changeling | Warden

Territory: Miekarova
Resource: Farm

Get It Together

Apprentice’s Blade
Bear Claws
Boarskin Vest

A prideful and laconic changeling warden with a dry sense of humour, who resents the impetuous reputation that wardens of his lineage have but nonetheless struggles with those tendencies more than he’d like to admit when push comes to shove.


Welcome! To the hobby, the game, and these forums! :smiley:

That looks like a pretty solid character. I note you’ve got ambidex and Bear Claws… you won’t get those at start-up, but making a set for yourself will be a heck of a goal :slight_smile:

The other Artisan items are solid. With a Farm instead of forest/mine, you’ll be doing a little more trading to get resources to make stuff. But even if not, Apprentices Blade and Artisans Oil (and Boarskin vest!) are good sellers.

Bondring for your wife’s character? :slight_smile:

If you can, spending a point on a rank of Fortitude is a great combo with Boarskin vest, as Fortitude stacks exponentially.

I can’t speak for the Varushkan elements, but mechanically, that character looks good.

Happy to answer any other questions, especially re Artisan.

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Thanks so much for the response! I have a couple of follow-up questions if that’s cool.

“I note you’ve got ambidex and Bear Claws… you won’t get those at start-up, but making a set for yourself will be a heck of a goal.”

I think I must have misunderstood something somewhere, since I was under the impression that you got all of the items you chose when you started the game. Is that not correct?

Also, “But even if not, Apprentices Blade and Artisans Oil (and Boarskin vest!) are good sellers.”
So does that mean I should be thinking of these items as items to SELL, rather than items for myself? I’d assumed they were all part of my starting kit - that is, items I would use.

I could easily switch to a mine. Would you recommend that?

Thanks again for your help :slight_smile:

Of your artisan recipes you will get 3 ribbons in your first pack, based on how many resources the recipes take to make, with corresponding time left to run.

0 resource item with 3 seasons to go (Apprentice Blade)
0-10 resource item with 2 seasons to go (Bondring)
10-20 resource item with 1 season’s use left (Boarskin Vest I think)

Checking your recipes that means you won’t have a ribbon for bear claws in your first pack, but as stated it’s a great ambition to aim for!

After that and for future events if you want to make items that cost resources between events you will need to trade for the right resources and bank them at the end of the event, so the items can be made in downtime and you’ll get the ribbons next event. Or make items that cost no resources or artisan’s oil if you don’t manage to trade for enough resources.

Anything you make you can sell, and the money from your farm is probably enough if you’re good at trading to get the resources to re-make your items, which should help generate income to support your resource buying so you can probably keep yourself equipped from that, although you may be pushing it for the expensive ones, at least until you’ve got your hand in, and your name out there.

It probably doesn’t make a great deal of difference whether you start with a farm providing money or a mine or forest unless one of your recipes uses alot of one special material, in which case pick that type, as it will save trading for it.

With regards to artisan item’s it’s up to you whether you focus on selling items or using them. Many people play it as being a crafter /tradesman, but on my last character I had artisan because my fighter made their own weapons, never really sold anything.

One thing I would comment on if you’re very new to larp, ambidex is probably the hardest fighting style to use effectively in the type of fights you get into at empire.
It looks cool, but sword + buckler is easier to start with, all characters can use a buckler for free. That would give you an extra point to do something clever with.

(to be clear, I’m not saying you shouldn’t take ambi, just pointing out that you’re playing on hard mode if you do. :wink:)

While the general value of having a Farm or Business (cash) vs Mine or Forest (resources) is about equal, in Varushka, Mines & Forests also give votes for the national bourse seats, which may give you some game or additional profit.

That alone make it worth switching. There’s also significant chances that they’ll benefit from nation or territory level buffs - see this season’s Winds of Fortune.

Thanks everyone! After careful consideration, I think I might switch to a mine, and also swap out ambi for a level of Fortitude. I can always get ambi later when I’m ready to craft those sweet Claws, right?

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Yeah, ambi is only a single point, so it’s not like you’d need to save for it.

In the mean time you can get some weapon practice and decide which fighting styles you feel most comfortable with, there are items that can give you certain skills such as 2 handed or shield use so it’s relatively easy to “try before you buy”

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A mine is entirely appropriate, and a good choice.

As an Artisan, you can often end up making 2 or three items per season. This is often 1 for yourself, and another to sell. So while Bear Claws are likely to be something to build up to for yourself, or something to make on commission for another, you will likely be churning out Apprentices Blade, Bond Ring, and Boarskin Vest much of the time.

Oh, Fortitude.
Level 1 Fort costs 1 xp and grants +1 min bleed.
Level 2 Fort costs 2 xp and grants +2 min
Level 3 Fort costs 3 xp and grants +3 min

These stack with each other. So while it would cost most of your starting character points to buy fortitude 3, for a bleed count of (3 basic) +1 +2 +3 = 9 minutes…

you could spend 1 xp for Fortitude 1, strap on a Boarskin Vest, and get to 9 min bleed.
or buy ambi instead, strap on the Boarskin Vest, and get to 6 min bleed count.

Now, the monsters rarely execute fallen player characters. And I’ve had 2 characters die a minute or so over their bleed count.

So I may be biased, but stacking a very long bleed-out time is an excellent way to preserve your character. Stacking fortitude is hilarious…

I made a post a while back about how silly fortitude can get, as well as other silly things.

Also worth mentioning is the summer ritual Tenacity of Jotra. It’s as cheap as rituals get and gives you your 1 fortitude.

As a former Varushkan, the character concept sounds cool to me.