Waking Nightmare LRP: A game of Action-Horror Gothic Drama

Event 3: Become the Beast


Waking Nightmare is a live-action roleplaying game (LRP) about fear, legends, revolutions and the meaning of courage.
Event 3 is running 31 May-2 Jun near Birmingham. We have a few spaces left for both crew and players.

Our story began as a republic still finding its feet faced an unearthly threat it could barely comprehend, let alone fight. Shadows took form, legends walked, and it appeared that the very sea gave up its dead to haunt the living. You now step into the bloodied shoes of those poor, outgunned agents trying to hold back the encroaching darkness.

OK Jim, but why this game?

  • Cut up monsters and bolt them onto weapons/your faces!
  • Deploy your forces in a game of grand strategy!
  • Use laudanum-fulled emotional sorcery to literally beat up abominations with the power of friendship/love/ego!
  • Combine arcane Words of dreadful power to invent new spells that might not even send you mad.
  • Pretty much every poker with the devil/Dice with Death trope you could ever want.

It’s a bit XCOM/Darkest Dungeon. It’s a bit Les Miserables. Event 3 will be set in a college on the moors that currently has a bit of a murder mystery problem, and a LOT of a hungry ghoul problem.

We designed the from the ground up for accessible plot. There’s a lot of meaninful non-combat risk, and a lot of scheduled short fights. We want people to be able to involve themselves in the game on their own terms.

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