Wand versus Rod

Hello, I’m just rereading the rules about magic implements. I had forgotten the requirement that, since Empower is strictly speaking an Offensive spell, it requires an Implement to cast.

Fortunately I have my beautiful stab-safe mage staff made by Saxon Violence just waiting to be used in battle. But I was also looking at having a wand or rod to hand. This leads to my question:

When does it matter in the rules whether an implement is strictly a rod or a wand?

I understand that a Wand is 8"-18" and a Rod is 18"-42" and I know there are certain magic items which can only be one or the other. But I was wondering if there are any other times when the distinction is needed.

For example, I know that the rules for Mortal Blow are stricter than the general great weapons category. You can’t use mortal blow with a weapon that is a spear or a flail, and the minimum length is 48" rather than 42" for great weapons more generally. Amusingly the poleaxe which was my favourite weapon in Maelstrom (never used in anger even once) is slightly too long and thus is strictly a polearm instead of a great weapon.

As far as I am aware there’s no distinction. However delivering some calls via wand takes skill (or guts).

I carry one of each implement, just for completion’s sake!

Pretty much the only difference is the crafted magical items you can put on each. There were a couple of rituals for a while which required you to use one or the other, but I think those might have been cut in a recent update, and they are extremely niche even if not.

In general: if you would like your crafted magical implement to improve your defensive or support powers, then it is probably best to have it be a wand (heal, mend, etc). If you would like to have it improve offensive powers, then it is best to have it be a rod or a staff.

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What they said basically :slight_smile:.

I use a rod and shield when I fight, but I have a wand phys rep because I have a Mazzarine Spindle and that’s a wand.

Thank you all. It’s more for those times when I need to cast an offensive spell on an ally and can’t use the staff for some reason. I’m especially thinking of Empower and the swift-cast versions of Heal and Restore Limb.

I’ll probably just play around with finding something that feels comfotable as a ‘sidearm’, if it doesn’t matter which category it fits in. (since the staff is likely to be the bonded magic item) I know I prefer swords significantly under the maximum length, so I’ll see how things feel in the field.

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You can’t use this ritual with a rod, which I suspect it is because it gives you a Heroic Blow by rod and PD wanted it to be in line with length requirements for CLEAVE by weapon.

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