War Skirt for Monstering

Hi all,

I am looking to make a war skirt for monstering ahead of E1 in April. I was wondering if anyone had any pointers as to the best way to construct it and any do’s or dont’s. I am looking to use a lot of scrap leather amongst other materials, so any leather relevant ideas would be great!


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The easiest way to make a war skirt is to start with a belt, then rivet or sew a bunch of leather scraps to it/around it. Try to achieve a layered effect, with longer pieces behind, and shorter pieces in front. Be sure to weather the leather - hit it with rocks, drag it behind a car, basically beat it up a lot. Use mismatching scraps, make the stitching is large and irregular, etc. Add other materials like hessian or scraps of fur. I’ve attached a couple of pics of different skirmish crew war skirts to show you what I mean, though obviously the Imperial Orc players will have fancier ones to show off :slight_smile:
EDIT: One thing to avoid is coloured fabric, as different colours are associated with the various barbarian Orc nations. The red on the middle picture is a modular under-skirt that can be swapped out as needed.


Fantastic, thanks a lot!

Is that a hero belt you have used or just a broad belt that has been attached To?

In all three of those examples there’s an inner belt with a buckle that’s been attached or threaded through a wider, hero-belt style strip of leather, which the vertical leather panels are then attached to.

You could also just use a normal belt and fold the leather panels over it, sewing the fold together to form a loop that the belt threads through.