Waterproofing Suggestions?



Trying to find a Waterproofing spray to use for when I get to costume building since i’m currently making budgeting notes.
Any suggestions on affordable yet effective brands or potential alternatives? Most of the costumes I’ve made in the past have been for indoor events so this is new territory for me.


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I have a coat I lined with waterproof fabric in an inoffensive colour (dark green).

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Nikwax spray is what I’ve been told is useful for things like cloaks.

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Nothing will make your stuff properly waterproof short of lining it with waterproofing, making it out of wax cotton, or impregnating it with Greenland wax:
(You can make your own by melting 90% candle wax and 10% beeswax in an improvised double-boiler)

I just use a wax cotton cloak, and have a reasonably water resistant hood too. As most rain hits your head and shoulders, a hood with a mantle can be surprisingly helpful.

Before I got this, I sprayed the hell out of a cheap cotton-canvas cloak with no-name Nikwax equivalent and it held up just fine for years, with the occasional respray.



Fabsil has always done the job for me, although looks like Nikwax is slightly cheaper, and non-aerosol if that matters to you.