Waterskin "look" opinion


Hopefully a quick and easy one. I want my character to have a waterskin. Specific larp/period waterskins can be quite expensive compared to similar “commercial” versions.

I have two questions on a specific item. Is this something that is viable, my concern is mainly the logo, how easy and acceptable is it to deal with?

thank you

They sell the same product on the field, without the logo. Loads of people have one,so it shouldn’t raise any issues. If you don’t mind paying a fiver more I got a two litre one without the logo for £15 at E2

That seems fair. Would probably cost about that to “fix” it, i assume.

thank you, ill wait till i’m on the field.

I don’t think anyone would care about that logo tbh. I use a leather-covered canteen with a logo on it, no one’s complained to me so far in 5 years.

I put the logo to my back, only thing I’ve ever been asked was where i bought it, you could wrap it in something like a keffiyeh.

Nobody would complain about it, if you feel like it you can cover the logo, but generally its fine as it is!

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thanks guys :smile: