Weather for E2


Seriously disturbed by the weather forecast for E2.

Dry and hazy sunshine all through setup.
Sunshine and patchy cloud, no significant chance of rain, light westerly breeze all through the event…
Temperature from 9 to 23 over the weekend…

Even quite sunny and dry all through takedown.

Are PD losing their touch? Where is the tumultuos and calamitous weather we have come to expect? Where’s the thunderstorms and the hurricanes and the knee-deep mud that have made these events so memorable…


…oh I know what they’re doing…

…oh that’s good. Nice one PD…

They’ve got an earthquake planned! Never had one of those before!

(Do not take this post too seriously. Weather forecast from the Met office. Pack your sunscreen guys and gals :slight_smile: )


For reference the link to the Silverstone forecast at the Met Office is here.

I’d also recommend packing some warm layers as I would lay money on it being quite cold after dark due to the clear skies.

But lawks, volcanoes do we have a plan for volcanoes? I await what fun the fates have planned for us :).


Got soaked at an event this weekend just gone, so stands to reason I will get sunburned a week later…


Well you’ve jinxed it now!


Have you forgotten Coyote Island already?


In all seriousness though, please be careful, with so many new players & heatstrokes ability to creep up on you, please look out for each other, make sure you drink enough water, stay out of the heat/ find shade, rest often. If you feel off talk to either another player or ask first aid.




It’s weather reports like those which make me regret being a furry hatted Varushkan,but glad I’m not a rubberfaced Orc!


Must buy a couple water bottles.

Holy Sh!t. Sun cream is going to be a must. (Kinda jealous of the brass coast. Light fabric and such.)