What Are Some Real Life Examples of Paragons and Exemplars of Virtue?


Here is one for Vigilance


For Paragons id say:
Socrates (and many other philosophers) would be a good one for wisdom
Most of the British Monarchy would be up for ambition (especially when we went to war over it)
Vigilance, I’d suggest Sir Robert Peel, The founder of the first organised police force in the UK.
Courage, there’s a few but history is not always as glamorous as the story’s tell, but a good one could be the 3 Pankhurst Sisters
Prosperity is hard as the empires definition is very much a socialists idea (imo), of so would suggest The Cadbury Brothers or any other Quaker business owner.
Pride, hmm, I immediately start thinking of Freddy Mercury but that feels like a weak offer.
Loyalty, hmm, Most people who have earned a VC in the army, a specific example could be
Pat Reid, An escape co-ordinator in Colditz Castle.

I’d say for Exemplars I can really only offer up of the top of my head: Lord Baden Powell, Founder of the scouts by instilling the ideas of preparedness, self sufficiency, team work ect in a legacy that has long out lived and grown past him.

For Paragons of false virtues I offer this short list (could be controversial):
Ghandi/Buddha/John Lennon (Peace)
God/Jesus (Hope)
Martin Luther Jr (Anarchy, a positive example)


I nominate Jack Churchill as an Exemplar of Courage. He fought in World War 2 armed with bagpipes, a longbow and a broadsword.


Uh Freddy Mercury is absolutely a Paragon of Pride, no bones about it


Fair enough, I think I may have been glossing over something’s.


I would also vote for foolishness.