What are you reading in quarantine?

As I need some new books to read I thought I’d ask you lot to recommend me some, what good books have you read lately?

Myself I can recommend a bunch of books by T. Kingfisher (Ursula Vernon’s pen name for when she’s not writing children’s books).

The Wonder Engine and Clockwork Boys
Paladin’s Grace

Which all follow the same rough outline of a middle aged woman gets thrust together with a somewhat battered Paladin (or man inhabiting a magic sword) and then shenanigans ensue. They then end up getting together and having really great sex. I applaud Ms Vernon on living her best life there :slight_smile:. They’re also a lot of fun and her tone reminds me somewhat of Pratchett as she cheerfully undermines fantasy tropes.

I’m actually reading a lot of fan fiction, as it’s relatively mindless and it’s nice to revisit old fandoms (lots of Naruto and Final Fantasy VII pieces)

…I work in a role where I’m in office, regardless, so anything light and easy pick up-put down is brilliant.

Arguably, I’m also attempting to read through Susanna Clarke’s ‘Johnathan Strange and Mr Norrell,’ but I’m not exactly liking the prose style. Good story, but it’s reminding me why i struggle with any of Austen’s or the Bröntes’ novels

Currently nothing as like a fool I left my current book in the office :expressionless:

But I think I might pick up the next book in the Witcher series. I have been planning to read it for a while. I just kept putting off buying it as I was mid reading something else. So if I get through the games I am playing I should hopefully be reading that. Though I do have a massive collection of Sherlock Holmes books staring at me that I have yet to finish…

Recommendation wise the Witcher series is rather good. Though if you have any interest in Sci-fi I cannot suggest the author Alistair Reynolds enough. I love his work specially the Revelation Space trilogy.

Otherwise it’s my weekly manga.

I’m not currently reading anything, but the last book I’ve read was “The subtle art of not giving a f*ck” by Mark Manson.

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Currently re-reading my Gaunts Ghosts series (Dan Abnett, 40k setting).

After that, I think I have the Hawk Queen Duology by David Gemmell waiting…

Lost Warriors 'Seagrim and Pagani of Burma the last great untold story, of WWII by Phillip Davies

Great read…

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Rereading tamora Pierce’s ‘Protector of the small’ and ‘Circle of Magic’ books because some childhood comfort is needed about now.

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Eh, they’re pretty good. I liked the duology of the Trickster Queen, which follows Protector of the Small: Dedication, “To J K Rowling, who taught me that children would read large books. Which is why this is two, instead of four…”

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My reading pile has:
The Lies of Locke Lamora (still, sorry)
Poor Man’s Flight by Elliott Kay
The remaining three war memoirs of Spike Milligan
The second and third volumes of the Caiphas Cain novels
More Horus Heresy
The Very Short Introduction* to Politics (which I bought for my birthday last year and I’ve barely started)
Very Short Introduction to WW2 (ditto)

*This series of books are excellent. I own Music, Philosophy, Feminism in addition to the two above and I recommend then heartily.

Have you read her latest one, which follows baby Numinar?
There’s only one book out so far (that I’m aware of), but it’s sorta fluffy in the way that going back to an old universe can be

(And if folks are looking for general recommendations, I will forever recommend Garth Nix’s Abhorsen series.

First book is “Sabriel”)

Whilst not a book I have been reading up all about Letter Larps

Which allow people to roleplay while quarantined at home.
And that sounds great!

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Trying to start Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch, but I keep getting distracted.

Recent reads worth a look though…

  • Nevernight by Jay Kristoff (combines Roman Imperial setting and Renaissance politics - very League)
  • A Darker Shade of Magic series by V.E. Schwab (strange magics, many worlds linked by London)
  • Mistborn series by Brian Sanderson (lead-poisoning can give you magic powers?)
  • Leigh Bardugo’s Six of Crows / Crooked Kingdom (if you like Lies of Locke Lamora)