What are your ambitions for Wintermark in the coming year?

Whilst I only attended the latter two events it is clear to me that Wintermark is setting the standards for others to follow. From spearheading the retaking of the first territory, to large scale rituals, to showing how it is done on the battlefield. What do you think Wintermark’s goals should be next year? For my part:

  • Trying to form a third army
  • Establishing fortifications in Skarsind
  • Pressing on with the northern campaign (with a view to establishing a home for our Orcs)
  • Having more interactions between the Thanes and our senators
  • Having a joined up plan that our senators, thanes, ritualists, and generals can all buy into
  • Battle training so we have a drilled army that rivals and exceeds the Marches

It would be great manage some cooperative night rituals.

I think we have the capacity to make most of our military units invisible.

The only ambition I have currently is to form the Stormcrows into the valuable resource that they should be. I want more discussion between the Stormcrows and everybody else and the attendance of a Stormcrow at most meetings. I want the Stormcrows to be caring for the spiritual well-being of our Nation, be in the know and able to advise but not the one controlling the situation, and as such allow people to turn to us in moments of need or when they see something going wrong.

This is starting to happen and we’re all clear about the “Little bird told me” rule already. So it’s all good!

Disclaimer: This may not be the same goal as the rest of the Stormcrows but it is my personal ambition. I want us to be a valuable resource that people can use.

As someone that made the decision between the last two events to become a Stormcrow I’m with this plan. Add in getting those of us with Synod votes working a bit more on Synod matters too so we can try and prevent any repeats of the veto where we can. But it is a part of the nation and game I’m looking forward to being more involved with next year as a way I can feel like I’m contributing to Wintermark despite being a non-com :slight_smile:

To not lose my eye the next time I help you lot on a quest =D

To help set up and run a good stormcrow challenge. I tried running a scavenger hunt for my group-everyone was interested, but simply didn’t have the time (the one who took part enjoyed it though.) So it needs a bigger scale, and possibly a bigger prize, to work properly.

I agree more meddling stormcrows, have done some of that myself but we need to do more.

Want more stories of the dead and stories round the fire.

Start pulling off Large winter or night rituals from our other covens :smiley:

I aim to pull off some serious Spring rituals. Though it will take a lot of luck and effort, but the effect will be worth it.

I think that, rather than head south, we should help the Varushkans take their lost land of Karsk - which fell around the same time as Skarsind and probably to the same enemy. Our combined armies should be able to sort that problem in short order. That done, we free up both nations’ armies to either march south and defend the rest of the empire, or march north and obliterate the Thule using a ritually supported surprise attack. We can get the orcs involved and when the Thule homelands are taken, they have a home and a senator.

Otherwise, we run the risk of working very hard this year to retake our lost lands, only to leave them highly vulnerable to later attack because we got sidetracked helping everybody else. Yes, we owe them, but it would be irresponsible to have taken care of one flank of the empire only to leave the door open later. It’s unrealistic to suppose we can finance wars AND fortification of Skarsind. There’s no way we can get that and a third army. We’ll have trouble as it is replenishing our existing, depleted armies, and any moves we make will require the same brilliant unity in deploying personal military units as we have enjoyed this year.

Then again, I’ve never been near the generals tent or the senate, so this could be a big pile of horseshit.

That is happening. Both Wintermark armies and heading for Karsk. There is just one Orc army staying in Skarsind. That kind of bothers me though. As we didn’t get started in the fortification of Skarsind because of the Synod sticking it’s oar in next season the four barbarian armies that withdrew might just steam roll back again.

Good to hear!

I suspect they will migrate to Karsk to make that a shit-tip of a battle there. It’s their remaining foothold in the Empire. They could return to Skarsind I suppose but they must need to resupply their armies the same as us. If we don’t capitalise on their defeat now, we lose that advantage, and we’ll be facing down four full strength armies before long. So long as we’re attacking them, they have to defend against us - if we hit them we pin them, they can’t sneak into Skarsind while we’re marching toward them.

I think we’ll meet some familiar armies in Karsk, as well as unfamiliar enemies. But if we kill them, they’ll stay dead. We should earn our allies one at a time in this way, rather than hoping to make a big impression in the senate, who won’t thank us for doing what other nations should be more than capable of doing.

In my opinion, of course.

Yeah depending on how long it takes them to re arm we really need those defences up quick

I’d like to arrange a scops/bard contest for the spring event so we can get some entertainment going round the national fire in the evening, building a magical instrument for the prize.

Hey folks can we dial back the IC discussion a bit here as I’ve just had to remove a post that edged over the line here. A good rule of thumb is if it would make game and cause conflict on the field it’s probably best to save that discussion for the event.


I want to setup an archery contest with a difference something akin to this youtube.com/watch?v=MXVvBkb8TQ4

This is partly due to my own dislike for sports archery target practice which has little basis in combat larp archery. In my opinion a good archer in a battle is only partly about being about being a good shot, what’s so much more important is being able to pick your target.

I guess this isn’t so much for Wintermark, but I think it could be run out of Wintermark as we have some very good archers.

I want to put together a tournament for several different kinds of weapon styles…

I want to raise funds for Weirwood so more Wintermark Grimnirs can upgrade their herb gardens. Everything else seems to be running smoothly now.
Also I want more time for archery, cooking, storytelling and generally mooching about the campfire. :mrgreen:

This would be very cool, also small team fight championship -i.e. 3 on 3 type things.

Pd have emailed me and want me to discuss it more with then. But pd themselves run a big tourney in the summer for teams, like 5 on 5 and stuff.

I love the idea of one on one.

I’ve got a leather belt for a trophy and hoping to sort some other things out too.

Free style in summer. Shield and weapon in autumn, one weapon only in winter, duel wielding in spring and back to free style. This will hopefully lead to a champion of champions tourney at some point. :slight_smile:

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Hey I will be new to the game this summer but my background OC is in the Irish defence forces so I think I could help by bring my experience over to IC with training, forming armies, ect.

Ajantear if your interested pm.