What do you use as healing physreps?

I’ve been looking into the healing aspect of empire and was wondering if anyone had some interesting physreps they used on the battlefield? I’m looking at being a navarr and using hearth magic for healing so any input into that would be great, but I’m interested in any other physreps people may use?


While my healing kit comes from another system, I have a core kit of a small coreless (throwing) knife in a sheath which I use as a scalpel for surgery, I have so many bandages (bought on eBay), a small jar of leeches (jar from Ikea, leeches from a supplier on the UK LARP Kit Facebook group), and a few potion bottles (I bought a huge bag of them) which I can fill with system-appropriate herbs / syrups.

When I get home, I will have to photograph them so I can show what I have.

Thank you! That would be much appreciated :slight_smile: I’ve got an abundance of bandages at home (being a first aider) but the other phys reps is where I lack knowledge haha.
Do people ever use temporary tattoos as like a magical seal almost? Was just a thought I had.
Love the jar of leeches! Might have to steal that idea haha

I played a herbalist physick for a while, and had physreps for the various herbs:
A bottle (1/2 litre glass effect plastic rum bottle, relabelled) of True Vervain, lemonade with green food colouring so entirely drinkable.
Little potion bottles of Bladeroot (chopped ginger in brandy) and Marrow-wort (lemonade, blue food colouring)
A small wooden box for Cereluan Mazzarine, containing Boots cheapo cucumber scented moistierising cream (looked pale green, smelt nice, and could actually be rubbed on people. Actually useful vs sunburn too).
A small felt pouch of Imperial Roseweald, physrepped by a mix of crushed pink peppercorns, chilli powder and curry powder. A sharp sniff of that (OOC) or a pinch thrown down the throat (IC) worked very well as a purgative.

A small tool roll of felt and leather held surgical tools, made from clay sculpting tools (cheap plastic ones, painted silver and with cloth handles glued on).

And a small bottle of fake blood, for use on the major injuries.

Looking at Navarr Hearth Magic, what if you painted a bandage or two in a stencil design, some sort of weaving vines, protective thorns, interlocking paths… (Do a quickly repeated stencil pattern, you’ll go through bandages quickly and lose a few). If you used a dark red or brown acrylic, you could say it was done in your own blood.

Example accompanying chant:

“These bandages are marked in my blood, and will be marked in yours. By my blood, is yours held safe. By these patterns bound against your flesh is the pain held in place. As your heartbeat pulses along the endless path herein, will your flesh find the true path towards health and wholeness. Stick to the path, Walker, and shed this bandage only when you no longer need it’s guidance.”

Never played Navarr, making this up as I go, hope it helps.


That sounds awesome! I’m not the most arty person so the stencil idea is perfect, I can spend alot of time before hand getting them all prepared and the blood effect seems great, for someone that’s not played navarr you seem to know your stuff!
As for the other physreps you used I love the sound of different potions, do they have different effects for different wounds and ailments? Can I perhaps of made a “dodgy batch” that could create varied aide effects? Just to really put people on the spot in RP :wink:

I have years of experience at talking fantasy rubbish on request :slight_smile:

Those phys-reps are for specific herbs in play (Resource: Herb Garden), but there are many many potions of various sorts you could make (Skill: Apothecary), with specific mechanical effects you probably shouldn’t alter. If you were making “slightly off” potions, then you could certainly mention when you sell/give them to people that they may have… side effects…

Given that quite a lot of them come with their own crazy RP side effects, this may be overkill. An example:

Tonic of Surging Flame:
Roleplaying Effects: Warmth spreads from your stomach to your entire body, and persists for the duration of the effect. It brings with it feelings of absolute confidence in your ability to survive no matter what happens. You find it hard to remember that risky behaviour might result in permanent injury or death.

(I couldn’t sell that one to anyone but Dawnish Changelings. On whom it had no effect, as they were reckless attack-bunnies with no sense of self-preservation anyway…)


I’m still a newbie healer, but the main parts of my kit are healing salts taken from the Bay of Catazar (everyone knows saltwater is good for your skin), sticks of incense for waving around under people’s noses, and for very rare and extreme circumstances, a lucky coin.