What is the name of the Empire?

Hi, just wondering. Is there a full name beyond “the Empire”. I mean what do other countries call us? What if there are more than once Empire. Is it a bit like the US and we’re called “the [Enter continent name here] Empire”? Does anyone know?

Never seen anything to suggest we’re called anything other than The Empire.

I have seen it referred to as the Casinean Empire before, as it was founded at Anvil in the territory of Casinea.

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I’m not even sure that the continents have been named :slight_smile: I’ve only ever seen a map bigger than this one the once IC but that’s not generally available and I’m don’t think it had names for things bigger than countries.

I think as we’re the only Empire anyone knows about we get to be “The Empire” but I suspect we care little of what foreigners think :wink:


Not entirely true that we don’t care. We are aiming for better relations and possibly peace with at least some of our neighbours. It’s also a matter of identity. People may say “the empire” and everyone knows what it refers to, like when two brits say the empire they mean the brittish empire. There have been many Empires in the past and it can be useful to have a name that we can fall back to. It might also be nice to put something longer on a piece of paper sometimes. Long names sound important, why do you think we in the League have such long names.

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It’s been called the Casinean Empire before and something sufficiently pompous or foreign might still use that.

But I don’t believe that any of the other polities in the visible setting have called themselves an Empire in recorded history, so I think you’re safe just saying ‘The Empire’.

The continent doesn’t have a name that I’m aware of. The bay to the south is the Bay of Catazar, but you’re not the Catazarri Empire because the Iron Confederacy and the Grendel are just as Catazarri as you are.

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Similarly “The Commonwealth” is simply known as The Commonwealth. It might have another name but it’s not well known.

Thanks for the answer. While what you say is true it does remind me of calling someone American when you mean US citizen. Canadians hate this I’m told. Might work it into some calligraphy at some point, thanks for all the help.

“The Commonwealth” is a translation. The country is known as der Gemeinsamwohl in their language, Gemeinsprach. They do not feel the need to clarify, because they invented the damn language: if you live near them then either you speak it or they will make you speak it when they conquer you. If you don’t, you’re of limited relevance this century, because you’re out of reach of their armies for now.