What kind of card games are played in the league?

My character is supposed to be a keen gambler so I need to know what games I should get better at.

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Try the Guild of Good Games: facebook.com/GuildGoodGames/

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You should Definitely Play Rampolio, and Skax. :slight_smile:

I will have to lose myself some money on these games in may. :slight_smile: I look forward to swindling you or myself out of a fortune :smiley:

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I’d suggest whist or something more straight forward. Blackjack would also work or gin.
Maybe try some of the dice games.

Liars Dice was a very common pub game. or shuttle was also.

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I’ll look into those, I just need to know my way around some card games, it’ll allow me and my character to break the ice.

in that case come and find us mercs and we can dice on the drum

Sounds good. If all goes well I may be fighting besides you, guess I’ll have to go easy eh

Probably the most popular card games in The League are:

Other card games played in the League include:

A new card game coming out at Winter Solstice 380 is “Butchers Bourse”

All of these are by The Guild of Good Games

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I have a (short) pamphlet with some fun historical card games. Find me at Anvil and you can pick one up. I’m working on another for dice games but keep running out of time!

I’d love a copy of those pamphlets!
If you’re at the next event please find me running the Nomad Casino :slight_smile:

I’m not League but would love a copy of that pamphlet! Where can you be found?

I’m in the Camorra Barossa (we have red banners with a fox on outside of our tent) but often wander. I spend a fair amount of time in the Hospital. There should be the Festival of the Reaper in the League (I think on the Saturday) so I’ll be around for that!


I’ll be bringing 5 leather dice cups, with wood dice for each and 2 decks of reenactment quality playing cards. So have IC stuff for liars dice, poker or captains curse, and also plan on hosting chuck a luck for anyone who wants to gamble. Maybe there should be like a facebook group or something where we can compile all the different games. Would be very helpful since I’m going to attempt act as a wandering casino, we’ll see how it goes though.

I now cannot make E1 so will have to make copies of my pamphlet available at E2 instead, sorry!

I would love to have whist played in the bars. It was a very popular game in bars way before the napoleonic wars and could be very thematic.

And now there’s also ‘Bourse and Build’, ‘Bribe the Bourseholders’ and ‘Great Work!’ which all come as part of ‘The Best of Bourse’. See https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/708663698/best-of-bourse-card-games

At Anvil, in the casino associated with the Temeschbar, I think the card gaming is poker.

And once these are printed, I imagine people will be gaming with them:

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They are beautifully made - and some good games to play with them.