What real life thing reminded you of Empire?

I was laying a fire last night with slightly different logs to usual and I got this hit of woodsmoke that took me right back to a field.

The other day I was drinking port and I missed sharing it with folks too: drinking it on my own felt very odd.

What things has you done/said/felt/had that took you back to the field?

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This tweet, which I saw this morning dumped me right into my character, (who is a Wisdom Priest). Except that Feynman has misspelt “wisdom”.

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Fire places, fire pits, smoke!!

Every time I realise I have picked my Chapter colours to wear for the day. I mean most people have quite a bit of black in their wardrobe, and white goes with it, but the number of times I have chosen a red thing to go with it too has definitely grown since Empire.

(Oh and Eye of the Tiger every time it comes on the radio… )

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There’s a Dolmen for sale in France http://www.ledolmendebagneux.com/fr/dolmen-en-vente

Woodsmoke. Leather. Mud.

Cool quiet mornings with scudding clouds.

Clearing vegetation with a machete.

Notwithstanding telling Empire stories to my baby daughter, my van steering wheel, any colleague that doesn’t move fast enough, and occassionally stomping along singing the Imperial Battle Hymn…

oh that’s it. My boots. My calf-high, fleece lined, waterproof boots (bought for E1), which have proven good for soggy morning school runs, and are full of Empire Keen.

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We went camping in the summer, and took the bell tent.

The smell of the canvas hit me, then how I set up my tent, then finally the smell of woodsmoke on my clothes.

When husband came back from a separate solo camping trip earlier in the season, he smelt of woodsmoke and I loved it.

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I was writing a very off-colour song about pole-weapons and it made me think of the League pole-arm blocks. I even managed to make it gender-neutral in case we ever need a good marching song…

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