What to have in an Ic diary

Hey, I’m making a diary for my character and I’m just wondering what to put in it - any ideas??

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A diary might be useful if it had some controversial or traumatic stuff contained in it and was left open where people might “accidentally” see it and the content was used to cause roleplay? Maybe have a controversial opinion on something relating to the Way of Virtue or Imperial politics written out, and see who “accidentally” reads it and comes to talk to you about it😃

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People you have met with sketches for memory?

Interesting things that you heard? Plans and ideas?

Salacious thoughts?

What do people normally put in diaries? :slight_smile:

… really bad poetry, half formed really good poetry, half discarded recipes, to do lists, secure information that probably shouldn’t be in something traveling around, half of a partner’s sketch for kitchen designs…

And that’s just in my actual day to day back up brain.

The IC prop diary I’ve got has assorted bits I’ll need for character (what herbs and potions do what), bits of the character’s day to day work (is, what bits of news they need to bring back to the Spire), a few bits of trauma bomb poetry for folks I’m going with to discover if my character meets an early untimely end, and a dedicated section for when I hit field so I can notetake…

…as I tend to do that usual for the ttrpgs I’m in and it helps keep my knowledge of what’s going on sharp and relevant

If there’s any info that you feel your character should know but that you yourself are likely to forget, putting it into an IC passage of text for easy reference is useful.

Short tales from the world such as a couple of paragons or exemplars that your character tries to emulate, might help you get into character ahead of an event or refocus (IC or OoC) during one.

Sneaking rule and skill reminders into the back of the diary seems pretty common; I have the combat and safety calls in mine as I always worry that I’ll forget one.

Another approach might be to make it a brand new diary that the character starts as they set out toward Anvil for their first summit, or start planning the trip if they are the organised type. It’s the sort of momentous change that might justify a new book for the character -a gift perhaps- and you could then almost play through the journey from their home, using the maps to find major landmarks along the route and recording IC opinions of them based on the wiki info if you fancy getting that detailed. Also inventing encounters with other nations along the road, as an excuse to have summaries of the nations to hand. The travel diary is also an opportunity to throw in sketches, pressed flowers and the like to break up blocks of text.
You would then have a few week’s worth (depending on starting location) of entries to start the diary off and still plenty of space for notes during play, that are probably going to be the most useful thing you fill it with.

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